Practicum (field instruction) is one of the most valuable and exciting aspects of the undergraduate and graduate programs. You will:

  • Link what you have learned in the classroom with practice experience.
  • Spend an extended amount of time in practice settings, gaining the experience you need for a career in social work after graduation.
  • Broaden your abilities and understanding of social work and improve your readiness for social work as a career.

BSW Program: Junior year, you will complete an experience of six hours a week, totaling 144 hours. In your last semester as a senior at Nazareth, you will receive the most intense and rewarding practicum experience by interning in a local organization four days a week for a minimum of 420 hours total.

MSW Program: Generalist year students will complete a practicum experience of 12-14 hours for a full academic year, totaling 400 hours.  This will be variable depending on full-time or part-time status.  Advanced year students will complete a practicum of 18-20 hours per week for a full academic year, totaling 500 hours, in a setting that will provide advanced clinical skills.  Nazareth University of Inter-professional Health and Human Services partners with over 400 agencies in the region and offers a wide variety of opportunities to MSW students.

SW Practicum

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