Phi Alpha Honor Society

Kappa Lambda Mu Chapter of Phi Alpha Honor Society

Kappa Lambda Mu is the Nazareth University's chapter of the Phi Alpha Honor Society for Social Work. Phi Alpha is a national social work honor society for undergraduate and graduate students and faculty.

Membership in Phi Alpha can be a great recognition for the effort invested in the pursuit of academic excellence. Phi Alpha is also a vehicle for academic and community involvement in the development of highly committed professional social workers.


  • Declared social work as an undergraduate or graduate major
  • Completed at least 37.5% of the social work coursework:
    • Undergraduate students need to have completed six classes in the major or 18 credits
    • Graduate students in the 60-credit program need to have completed eight classes or 24 credits
    • Graduate students in the 36-credit program (advanced standing) need to have completed five¬† classes or 15 credits
  • Grade point average (GPA) at or above 3.75


  1. Students who meet eligibility criteria are notified by the Phi Alpha faculty advisor in the spring semester.
  2. Invited students complete the application form and submit a fee online.  The fee is used to cover the national, life-long membership fee to Phi Alpha.


Phi Alpha offers several awards and scholarship opportunities for students.


Dr. Leanne Charlesworth or Dr. Rebecca Rouland, co-advisors of the chapter at Nazareth