Higher Education Opportunity Program

Academic Support Services

Summer Start Program

Incoming HEOP freshmen take part in an intensive six-week summer program of academic, social, and cultural experiences to launch them into freshmen year well-prepared. Academic courses (math, chemistry, psychology, music, English) lay a solid foundation. Seminars and workshops on financial aid, handling college bills, college life, choosing a major, careers, personal relationships, and decision-making enhance confidence and acclimation going into the fall semester.

Support Services

We help students face the many transitions of entering college life and provide ongoing support through individual and group counseling, tutoring, seminars, workshops, and program activities. These services develop maturity and encourage students' accountability.


Free tutoring is provided to all students enrolled in HEOP and Excel. Individual tutoring is available through Nazareth's Center for Student Success. Group tutoring is available in the math, logic, science, and writing labs. Consult with your counselor about the importance of tutoring and complete a tutor request form.

Khalil Williams

Khalil Williams '18

"The Summer Start Program has allowed me to jump-start my academic career and has given me the opportunity to have six credits before starting the fall semester!"

Legal studies major from Amherst, NY