Young Scholars

Nazareth University aims to close the college completion gap by providing high-achieving, first-generation students with financial need access to an unparalleled private education.

Young Scholars is a comprehensive, guided learning and growth experience that promotes academic excellence, collaboration, and leadership and helps students establish and pursue a career path.

Benefits of participating in Young Scholars:

  • Receive full-tuition funding over the course of your undergraduate study (maximum of 4 years), supported through Nazareth scholarships, state/federal grants, and philanthropy.
  • Receive support and guidance from Nazareth’s dedicated Access and Achievement staff.
  • Enhance in-classroom learning through service opportunities on campus and in the Rochester area.
  • Through Nazareth’s Center for Life’s Work, you will work with a career coach from your very first semester.
How to Apply
Essay and Interview

    Emma Theriot '26

    Musical theatre

    "The things that (the university) stood for, like accessibility and like equity, those are things that really stood out to me about Naz."

    Watch video (above)

    Chynna Sharp

    Chynna Sharp '22, '25G

    Physical therapy

    "The Young Scholars program promotes success for students from diverse backgrounds. The faculty and staff members involved in the program are very supportive and want the best for you. You can go to them for anything." Chynna's great grades and efforts paid off in scholarships »

    Jessy Dwyer, Young Scholar

    Jessy Dwyer '18


    "Being a Young Scholar means being backed by a network and representing more than just myself. Whether it’s improving grades or applying for an internship, I have support from my program peers and mentors to get where I want to go.” Read about Jessy Dwyer's college experience »

    Arielle Mahoney sits at a picnic table on campus

    Arielle Mahoney '22

    English and inclusive education

    Arielle Mahoney '22 was drawn to Nazareth as a place where she could get personal help — and where she could give help and have an impact. She received mentoring and support from staff, was matched with a Spanish tutor her first week, and was welcomed by Writing Center Director Steve Tolson to job shadow and become a writing tutor her first year. "I want to be a teacher and that's going to help me in the long run."
    She adds: "I really like my classes. I love my global identity (English) class. We read about mixed cultures and people. It's super interesting to me because I'm mixed race." She also loved an Islam and Global Issues class that included visiting a worship service in a mosque. She joined an interfaith dialogue group on campus and says, "You learn to be inclusive and have tolerance and love people despite their differences."

    Sophia Qureshi, Young Scholar

    Sophia Qureshi '19

    Clinical lab sciences

    Hands-on experience is built into the Young Scholars program. A summer role at Highland Hospital helped Qureshi explore geriatric medicine. She also has gained workplace and leadership experience by working for Nazareth's Hickey Center to support interfaith education and by attending an interfaith conference in Washington, D.C., a trip funded by the Young Scholars program.

    "Being a Young Scholar has helped me explore opportunities on campus and off campus in Rochester, helped me financially, and helped me know resources on campus before I started my freshman year."