Social Justice Student Scholar Research Initiative

Supporting student work on issues of racial and ethnic diversity, social justice, equity, social innovation, inclusive leadership, racism and systems of oppression, diversity and sustainability, inclusive pedagogy, social justice and diversity in artificial intelligence, earth justice, and restorative justice. Four projects were funded during the 2021-2022 academic year. All SJSS presentations presented at CARS.

Who is eligible

  • Full-time Student Access and Achievement Program (SAAP) students in Fall 2025
  • Young Scholars, HEOP, First Generation students
  • Freshman, Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors
  • Maintain at least a 2.25 GPA
  • In good standing with Student Access and Achievement Programs requirements (Young Scholars, HEOP, First Generation)


Two students in fall 2024 can each receive a $1,000 grant for one semester to work on an approved project. Fall scholars will present their work scholars at Nazareth's Creativity Activity Research Showcase (CARS), Spring 2025.

Possible project themes:

    • Racial and ethnic diversity issues
    • Social justice 
    • Equity issues
    • Racism and systems of oppression
    • Social innovation
    • Diversity and sustainability
    • Inclusive leadership
    • Inclusive pedagogy
    • Social justice, diversity, and artificial intelligence
    • Earth justice
    • Restorative justice


  • Complete the Social Justice Student Scholar application and process, which includes:
    • Provide a description of the project.
    • In coordination with the program director, identify a faculty or staff mentor for the research project. (Mentor completes this form.)
    • In coordination with the program director, identify a professional opportunity to engage in during the semester of the research project or one Equitable Spaces course during the semester of the project.
    • Meet with SJSS committee to approve the project 
  • In coordination with the program director, create a schedule for the semester of meetings with the program director to follow the progress of the research project.


The initiative can be on the College campus or out in the community.


  • Available for fall 2024. 
  • Application deadline for fall grants: September 23, 2024 (proposals submitted earlier will be reviewed)


Supports social justice efforts, raises awareness for social justice, builds knowledge about efforts, builds skills, supports diversity and equity goals, and builds community at the College around these efforts.

Examples of projects that could quality

  • Student plans/organizes (with mentoring) a campus programming series on a social justice topic
  • Artistic piece
  • A paper, working with a mentor
  • Research
  • Book reviews and discussion

Program Director

  • Tonya Guzman, Director, Student Access and Achievement Programs: 

This Social Justice Scholar Initiative has been made possible thanks to a generous grant from the Jim and Sue Genthner Charitable Foundation.