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Atomic Learning

Online and on-demand,  Atomic Learning creates flexible training opportunities with instant access to answers on common “how to” questions, and step-by-step training workshops and projects. 

Click the link to Atomic Learning above and login with your Nazareth username and password. It's that easy!

Find an Answer to a Technology Question 

  • Allows you to quickly find the answer to a specific how-to technology question. 
  • Type your question or keywords into the text field. 
  • Set any filters you’d like to use in the drop down menus below. 
  • By checking the box next to ‘View only preferred filters’ you may limit result to your preferred training. 
  • Click the ‘Search’ button. 
  • The resulting list contains application titles. Click an application title to expand the list and displaying individual lessons, then click a lesson title to view the tutorial in the player window. 

Browse Available Training & Projects 

The Browse Training and Projects area allows you to quickly access available resources with a few simple clicks and browse all available training topics. 

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40,000 video tutorials on how to do things in over 120 applications and programs.


AtomicLearning is a free service for all of the Nazareth community. Login with your myNaz username and password.

Visit the AtomicLearning site using this link and you can access the thousands of video tutorials within your own personal AL account.

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