One-stop shopping for the Nazareth University community’s print, copy, and finishing needs, as well as providers of audio and video event recording.

Location: Library basement Room 132

Print and Copy

Print Shop
  • All print services are for currently enrolled students and are intended for the printing of university / classroom projects.
  • Faculty and staff may submit only university related jobs for departmental charge back.
  • All print requests are subject to approval.
  • We do not allow departmental charge back of personal orders.

Black and Color Ink Copies

Flat originals up to 11 x 17" may be copied or digital files printed single or double-sided on 8.5 x 11", or 11 x 17" paper. Enhancements and additional output options are available. We have some specialty papers in stock.

Please note: We do not print on STICKER STOCK.

Finishing Options
There are multiple finishing options available.

  • stapling (multiple position)
  • 2 & 3-hole punch
  • booklet production (saddle-stitching and face trimming)
  • bulk paper cutting
  • bulk paper folding

Wide-format Printing
Large format poster prints and signs are available from original PDF files. Prints can be made on 24", 36", or 42" wide paper, glossy or heavy-coated. Vinyl in 24", 36", or 42" sizes is available for banner printing and optional grommets are also available. Costs are calculated by poster dimensions. Pricing starts at $3.00 per square foot, which equates to approximately $18 for a 24"x36" matte finish poster.

Foam Board Mounting
Posters and signs may also be mounted on foam board. Pricing varies based on size.

Additional Information

  • PDF files are requested because PDFs embed fonts and graphics so there will not be any unintended changes or alterations in your file.
  • Colors on the screen may print differently on paper.
  • When creating a poster, set the page size in your software program to the size of the finished poster.
  • Low-res graphics may not reproduce well once enlarged.

Thermal lamination utilizing 10 mil thick glossy film is available for flat originals up to 24" wide on the shortest side. Please be aware that some inks, papers or assembled materials are not suitable for lamination. For example, materials with glued layers may not laminate well as layers may fold over during the laminating process or cause air bubbles. Also, due to the high temperature of the laminator, there may be some bleed-through when thin material, such as newspaper, is laminated. Photocopying such materials and laminating the photocopy may be an option in such instances.

We can custom size laminate up to 26"

Black Ink Copies & Prints (20lb white or pastel)

8½" x 11"

   Double-sided  $.06
Color Ink Copies & Prints 

8½" x 11"

  Double-sided $0.35





  8½" x 14" white or pastel $0.25
  Double-sided $0.35
  11" x 17" $0.50
  Double-sided $0.75
Foam Board Mounting Varies by size  
*Items are measured by the shortest side rounded up to the nearest half-foot and can't be wider than 26" on the shortest side.
8½"x11" 10mil $.35
  11"x17" 10mil
  Over 11" x 17" $1.50/lin.ft.*
Poster Prints
All measurements are rounded up to the nearest whole square foot; posters can't exceed 42" on the shortest side.
Matte finish $3.00/sq. ft.
  Glossy finish $4.00/ sq. ft.
  Banner vinyl $5.00/ sp. ft.
  Grommets for banner $0.25/each
Slide Scanning (Turn around time varies) Per slide $0.50
Frequently Asked Questions

How do I place a print order?

How long will it take?
We experience high volume of printing at the end and the beginning of semesters. Expect 3 to 5 business days for orders to be completed during these times. Most other times orders can be completed within 1 to 2 days.

Where can I pick up my print order?
All completed jobs will be available for pick up at the IT Service desk during regular Library Hours

How do I pay for my print order?
NazBucks or Checks made payable to: Nazareth University

Copyright ©

We conform to a strict interpretation of copyright laws. Written permission from the copyright holder may be required to record, duplicate or use certain materials. U.S. Copyright Office, U.S. Copyright Law

Media Production

Video & Audio Event Recordings

All In Office Media Production services are for currently enrolled students.
Faculty and staff may submit jobs for departmental charge-back only.

Audio and video recordings may be requested for campus events, theater productions, faculty recitals and special lectures. Requests must be scheduled a minimum of one week in advance and are subject to staff availability. To ensure the highest quality of the final edited recording, please provide the following detailed information. This information will become the titles within the finished edited copy of your event and therefore how it will be labeled in the library catalog. Also, include any links to your event, i.e. event listing from the Nazareth Event Calendar (from when filling out the audio/video recording request form:

  • Title and type (lecture, recital, etc.) of event
  • Date, time and location of event
  • Number and names of speakers and/or performers
  • Copy of flyer and/or program for event

Please, let us know what you would like done with the footage after the recording. For example: added to the university archives, added to the Library collection for circulation, given to event sponsor (specify format), or made available on-demand. Processing time for recorded footage is a minimum of one week. Exception may be made for materials needed for online course reserve.

A release agreement is required for us to record and subsequently use the recording. For copyrighted theater productions, recording rights must be acquired. The event sponsor is responsible for obtaining written consent of the person(s) being recorded along with any other permissions and forwarding this information to the Media Resources Services staff prior to the event. Please use the Nazareth University Release Agreement.

Media Resources generally does not provide operators for classroom recordings. Equipment for classroom recordings may be requested for delivery by contacting the Technology and Media Service Desk, 585-389-2111

Campus Event Recordings
Access videos of campus events including lectures, concerts, and other special events.

Off-Campus Event Recording
Media Resources does not provide operators or transport equipment to events off campus.

Content Creation

  • Any Nazareth University students, faculty, and staff can use our facility to edit video.
  • Marketing of academic programs is managed by Naz Marketing and Communications.
Recorded Events

We offer online access to recorded media content. Our online video server is flexible, serving both academic and administrative purposes and providing either restricted or public access.

Online content is ideal for collaborative use and/or sharing of media content with your department, committee, group, or the public. Content may be linked or embedded within a Moodle course page for students in a specific class.

Examples of how this service may be used:

  • Viewing and peer evaluating of class presentations
  • Evaluating student clinical sessions
  • Viewing job applicant video submissions
  • Previewing video projects in production phase
  • Showcasing campus events

Live-streaming is provided on a case-by-case basis

Conversions & Duplications

Conversion of educational materials to and from various formats is available. The most commonly requested transfers include audiocassette to CD, LP (Vinyl) to CD, memory card to DVD, mini DV to DVD and VHS to DVD. Most audio and video file formats may also be converted to various digital formats such as .mp3, .wav, .mp4 and .avi. We do not convert to or from international video formats.

Duplication of CDs and DVDs complete with label printing and cases is also available. Orders ranging from a single dub to high quantity (100+) are accepted.

Turnaround time: 3 days (high quantity orders may take longer).

Media Resources will not transfer or duplicate personal media.

These services are reserved for academic use only.

Editing Lab

The Media Editing Lab is a specialized self help lab designed to support audio and video editing for Nazareth University educational purposes.  The lab is available  first come first served and can accommodate independent faculty, staff, and student projects.

Hardware and Software
The lab is equipped with 9 Macintosh digital editing systems. Each computer workstation supports a variety of audio and video formats and has Microsoft Office, Apple Logic, Final Cut Pro, Photos, iMovie, Garage Band and the Adobe Creative Cloud suite of software

Lab access is restricted to the operating hours of the Library. The lab workstations are first come, first served. It is high recommended that users bring USB 3 compatible Thumb Drives or Hard Drives to store their video library on.

The lab is not staffed and there may be times when assistance is not immediately available.  In general, assistance will be available 9am to 8pm Monday through Friday, and limited evening/weekend hours.  It is highly recommended that users check on the availability of assistance, if needed, prior to arriving at the lab.


Call: 585-389-2149


Visit: Library basement, Room 132