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First Annual President's Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Awards at Nazareth College

Published May 03, 2017

Nazareth College hosted the first annual President’s Equity, Diversity & Inclusion awards (P.E.D.I.A) in April. This event is sponsored by the office of the president and the office for diversity and inclusion, and is aimed to recognize those individuals and groups that have made significant contributions to the College’s efforts to build and nurture an inclusive campus community.

There are five awards that are given to the following individuals, departments, and/or groups: student, faculty, staff, office or program, student organization, and collaborative initiatives. Those whose work is focused explicitly on diversity and inclusion efforts must go “above and beyond” their role to receive these awards.

Diversity Outreach Volunteer Awards:

Students: Pablo Valentin

Faculty: Dr. Yamuna Sangarasivam

Staff: Ms. Jean Hoyt

Department/Program/Group: Diversity Council

Honorable Members: Talia Alexander, Megan Marks, Megan Maher, Corey Rainboth, Janee Greenidge, Sabata Harley, Jenoy Merchant, Ashley George, Malik James, Ryan Page, Zarah Bathrick, Katelin Benini, Ahmad Jackson, Dr. Ginger Jacobson, Ms. Kristin Wood, Ms. Amanda Torpey, Terry Stewart, Ms. Carey Backman, Mr. Michael Ngadi, Mr. Miguel Baique, Mr. Andy Morris, Mr. Brian McGahan, Mr. Rustin McNiff, Professor Mark Primus, Dr. Estella Norwood Evans, Isaiah Tolbert, A.N.C.H.O.R.S, Music Department

L+.E.A.P Awards:

Students: Melissa Casale

Faculty: Dr. Brigid Noonan

Staff: Ms. Jane Kelly

Department/Program/Group: Office of the Registrar

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Awards:

Students: Alexia Blair

Faculty: Professor Mark Primus

Staff: Mr. Jamie Fazio

Department/Program/Group: Campus Operations and Auxiliary Services (& Dining Services)

Ms. Gaynelle Wethers Award:

Student/Faculty/Staff: Tonya Williams-Guzman

President's Inclusive Excellence Award:

Student/Faculty/Staff: Dr. Estella Norwood Evans (retiring)

Department: Campus Life

Special Recognition from President Braveman:

Ad Hoc Committee for Diversity & Inclusion 2016 - 2017

M.L.K Day Celebration Committee 2016 - 2017

ODI Student Employees 2016 - 2017

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