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Nazareth named a teach-out institution for students at soon-to-close Medaille University

Published May 19, 2023

Nazareth has been named a teach-out partner for Medaille University, as students at the Buffalo-based private institution — which announced that it will permanently close on August 31, 2023 — begin the process of selecting a new school to attend. Under the teach-out agreement between Nazareth and Medaille, signed on May 17, students at Medaille have the opportunity to complete their fields of study at Nazareth with no transfer, admission, or application fees and at a cost of attendance — including room and board — equal to or less than what those students currently pay at Medaille. 

The teach-out program between Nazareth and Medaille applies to currently enrolled Medaille undergraduate and graduate students in good academic standing, as well as first-year students who planned to enroll at Medaille this fall. Per the agreement, all currently enrolled Medaille students will be accepted by Nazareth, and all academic credits earned at Medaille will be accepted, as will grades for those classes. And all general education requirements met at Medaille will also be accepted as completed at Nazareth. Nazareth has many academic programs similar to the fields of study that were offered by Medaille — including majors in Nazareth’s School of Education and School of Business and Leadership —  making it easy for students to transfer to Nazareth with minimal disruption. 

Medaille University’s closing comes after an extended period of reduced enrollment, outstanding liabilities and other challenges, including a recently discussed integration with Trocaire College which did not materialize.

“Learning that an institution of higher education is closing is always upsetting, and our hearts go out to everyone at Medaille, especially the students enrolled there or planning to attend there next year.” said Nazareth President Beth Paul. “When we learned that these students will need to find themselves new university homes, we knew that Nazareth — which has many similar academic programs and a location less than 75 miles from Medaille — could be a viable option. In addition, our mission of fostering integrated learning through action and reflection, educating whole persons guided by empathy, committed to equity, and prepared to lead innovation for our time is likely to resonate with many Medaille students. Given all of these factors, we immediately connected with Medaille University to help.”

Medaille’s student athletes also have the opportunity to transfer to Nazareth and continue their athletic careers as Nazareth Golden Flyers. Nazareth competes in 25 NCAA Division III sports and is a fellow member of the Empire 8 Athletic Conference. The two schools have multiple overlapping sports programs, including men's and women's soccer, men’s and women’s basketball, men’s and women’s lacrosse, and field hockey, among others.

“A teach-out partner institution provides as seamless a transfer process for students as possible. Medaille University is incredibly appreciative of the partnership it has formed with Nazareth to assist our students in this challenging situation,” said Medaille University Interim President Dr. Lori V. Quigley. 

Medaille students looking for more information regarding the teach-out partnership with Nazareth and the possibility of transferring to Nazareth can visit, which is dedicated specifically to address the needs of Medaille University students. Medaille students can also contact Nazareth’s Assistant Director of Graduate & Transfer Chelsea Kuhn in the Nazareth Admissions office. 

“No one likes unexpected news, especially students who are hard at work forging their future,” added Nazareth President Paul. “But as we all know, when doors close, others often open. Our doors are fully open, and we’d love to welcome students who will be departing Medaille into the Nazareth community.”


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