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Nazareth welcomes delegation from sister city Rennes, France

Published April 09, 2024

Nazareth University welcomed a delegation from Rennes, France, to the French House on campus in early April. They were joined by Rennes-Rochester sister city partners — all to discuss Nazareth’s current and future study abroad and exchange programs in Rennes. The sister city partnership, conceived by President Eisenhower in 1956 to secure peace around the world, is 60 years strong in Rochester, the longest in the history of the United States.

Thomas Lappas, Ph.D, dean in the College of Liberal Arts, Sciences, Business, & Education welcomed the Delegation. Mireille Le Breton, Ph.D., director of the study abroad programs in Rennes, and Nevan Fisher, Ph.D., director of the Center for International Education (CIE), presented Nazareth’s programs to the delegation. Nazareth's vibrant programs in Rennes consist of French language and cultures, communications, English, history, international relations, political science, and arts.

Three students from Rennes, France — Katell Leauté and Clotilde Queruel from the University of Rennes II, and Marianne Gerber from IFPEK — shared their experiences studying at Nazareth this semester. Madison Darrell, a senior and Nazareth’s French House resident assistant, shared her impressions on studying abroad and living with students from Rennes.

Steve Bertalli '85, founder of the LISAA Arts school in Rennes, reiterated the bonds between the two universities, as Nazareth welcomes LISAA students from Rennes every year on campus. He visited the classrooms of arts professors Steven Wehner and Shelly Kuzniarek.

Nazareth School of Business and Leadership Professor Jennifer Leigh, Ph.D., and the delegation discussed opportunities for future partnerships. Graduate Physical Therapy program Director Mary Ellen Vore gave a tour of the York Wellness and Rehabilitation Institute. One of Nazareth’s partner institutions in Rennes is IFPEK, a physical therapy school.

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L to R: Nevan Fisher (Naz CIE); Mary Ellen Vore (Naz PT); Hannah Barry, co-chair of the Rennes sister city committee; Madison Darrell (Naz French House RA); Steve Bertalli (Naz alum); Catherine Beaty, HR manager at Orange; Eric Beaty, president of the Rochester sister city committee; Joël David, historian and painter; Mireille Le Breton (Naz professor of French); Katell Léaute, Rennes exchange student; Thomas Lappas (Naz dean); Clotilde Quéruel, Rennes exchange student; Jennifer Leigh (Naz SBL).