Student Worker FAQs

Before starting work

Can I bring copies of my forms of ID?
How many work study hours do I have?
Do I get a separate check for each on-campus job?
Do I still pay taxes if I’m on work-study?
How do I sign up for direct deposit? (Can be done anytime.)

After starting work

How do I submit my timecard?
When are timecards due, and when do I get paid?
Why don’t I have access to my timecard in Self-Service?
I forgot to enter hours from last pay period. What should I do?
When changing or closing my direct deposit bank account, who should I contact first, my bank or Payroll Department?
If I’m leaving campus over break, can I get my paycheck sent to my home address?
I lost or never received my W-2. Can I get a replacement?
What should I do if I run out of work-study hours, but I want to continue working on campus?