Supervisors of Student Workers

Details to know

  • Deadline: Approve timecards by 3 p.m. Monday
  • How many hours can a student work per week: Up to 28 hours per week total for ALL on-campus positions; International students can  work up to 20 hours per week total.
  • When must a student take a meal break: Any student working 6+ hours in a row needs to log out and take a mandatory, 30-minute, unpaid meal break.
  • How to review/approve timecards: Timecard Approval. Let Payroll know if you want to be enrolled in the 10-minute Moodle refresher: Naznet Self-Service Time Entry.
  • How to set up/remove a proxy: Proxy

For a student to start work (each semester)

Supervisor: Submit a work authorization form.

  • How to tell if a student has a work-study award:; click on start a new authorization and work-study.  Start typing student information (first letter of first name, followed by last name (i.e. esales….). If their name appears, they have work-study. If not, most likely they do not have it.
  • How will I know if a student has turned in all the required paperwork to Payroll to start work: If they show up in the work authorization site, they are good to go. If they do not show up, please send the student to the Payroll office, as the paperwork is not complete.

Pay rate

Current pay rate for student workers: See the purple box on the Payroll homepage