Teaching Integration & Innovation Lab

The Teaching Integration and Innovation Lab (the TIIL) is a faculty-led support system for faculty at all stages of their careers at Nazareth. The TIIL regularly offers professional development workshops around all aspects of faculty work, including syllabus design, grading and assessment, interpreting course evaluations, encouraging student participation, writing letters of recommendation, having difficult conversations with students, diversity & inclusion, incorporating technology into the classroom, and preparing for tenure and promotion.

Each year, faculty are invited to apply to be TIIL fellows, a position that comes with a small stipend. The TIIL fellows design and offer professional development opportunities with the help of the TIIL Facilitator, who manages the administrative aspects of the TIIL. The TIIL’s physical space is located in Smyth 165, but its presence is woven into each academic year through the wide variety of activities that it sponsors.

TIIL-Sponsored Activities

  • Open Classroom Week (#openNaz) — photo album
  • Teaching Partner Week
  • Workshopalooza 2024 
  • Professional Development Workshops
  • Peer to Peer Teaching Observations
  • Faculty Social Gatherings

Teaching the Teachers

More than 100 faculty and staff participated in the Teaching Integration and Innovation Lab's Open Classroom Week.

TIIL Fellows

TIIL activities are coordinated and facilitated by TIIL Fellows, a rotating group of invested faculty members who apply for the role.

The Fellows serve as coordinators and ambassadors and are integral to TIIL's operation and success. Working closely with one another and with TIIL facilitators, they lead faculty learning opportunities based on their areas of interest and expertise. They also help to design and participate in other TIIL-sponsored activities such as the TIIL kick-off, peer feedback groups, guest speakers, etc. Fellows receive a stipend and partial support for travel to a teaching conference.


For technology training and help with course design, course conversion from traditional to hybrid/online, or course refresh, contact Nazareth's Teaching and Learning Technologies department.