About Us


We serve our students and community by developing virtuous, innovative, transformative, and agile leaders.

V – Virtuous Leaders practice wisdom, courage, compassion, and authenticity, and demonstrate ethical behaviors to benefit others and promote the common good.

I – Innovative leaders recognize emerging  trends, inspire new ideas, and develop opportunities resulting in sustainable competitive advantage.

T – Transformational leaders seek positive change (reinvention, adaptation, enrichment) for individuals, teams, organizations, communities, and the world.

A – Agile leaders create environments where individuals and self-directed teams are constantly adding value and adapting to changing business demands.

L – Leadership encompasses virtue, innovation, transformation, and agility.


We serve our students through excellence in teaching which cultivates deep business knowledge and skills through experiential education, global learning, and employability in the workforce.

We serve our students by developing close relationships through mentorship, small classes, academic advisement, career coaching, and field experiences.

We serve our students and community through unique and specialized programs, grounded in a strong liberal arts foundation, that meet the changing needs of business.


JOY: Fun, Happiness, Fulfillment, Optimism

LEARNING: Experiential, Active, Lifelong, Collaboration

INNOVATION: Adaptability, Creativity, Courage, Improvement

RELATIONSHIPS: Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Empathy

EXCELLENCE: Scholarship, Engagement, Teaching, Critical Thinking