Center for Service-Learning

Engaged Scholarship

Articles, research documents, professional presentations, and other materials created by members of the Nazareth College community. 

  • "Fostering a New Model of Multigenerational Learning: Older Adult Perspectives, Community Partners, and Higher Education"                  Published in "Educational Gerontology," this articles showcases a methodology for better understanding the multigenerational and educational interests of older adults residing in an independent and assisted living setting.
  • "Teaching Civic Engagement" (2012)
    This article was published in "Gateways: International Journal of Community Research and Engagement" by Jed Metzger, an Associate Professor in our Social Work Department. The article discusses how service-learning engages students with the community and addresses the problem of youth violence.
  • "Hope Across the Razor Wire" 
    In this publication, Ed Wiltse in the English and Communications Dept. discusses his "Jail Project," the yearly service-learning project which creates student-inmate reading groups at the Monroe Correctional Facility.
  • "Doing Time in College"
    This article examines "Student-Prisoner Reading Groups and the Object(s) of Literary Study" by taking a look back at the ten years that Dr. Wiltse has been engaged in the service-learning project at the Monroe Correctional Facility.
  • Enhancing Student Gerocompetencies: Evaluation of an Intergenerational Service Learning Course (2010)This article features a cooperative effort between Dr. Steitz, Director of the Nazareth College Gerontology Program and the Center for Service-Learning, and Jason A. Dauenhauer, Carmen I. Aponte, & Debra Fromm Faria, all from the Department of Social Work at the College at Brockport. It discusses the importance of creating multigenerational learning environments to provide the most impactful learning experiences for social work students.
  • Leadership and Service Through Intergenerational Learning (2012)
    This article was published by Nazareth College students Dana Court, Jaide Edwards, and Abigail Goings, along with their faculty advisor Dr. Steitz. It appeared in Columbia College's Service-Learning Journal and assesses "The Older Adult and Student Partnership."