Definition: anyone who takes action to address a problem, activates others, and works towards solutions for the good of all*

Imagine if everyone had the skills, freedom, confidence, and societal support to create change for the good of all.

Nazareth University is committed to guiding students in work and civic engagement that cultivates solutions with the community.

Nazareth University commits to build Changemaker Pathways that connect our students with curricular and co-curricular experiences that advance their commitment to changemaking.

Changemaker Pathways are designed to enable all students to develop changemaker qualities and competencies through experiential learning opportunities. Students can direct a unique pathway through the liberal arts, professional programs, and co-curricular programming in collaboration with our many community partners. These Changemaker Pathways will connect experiences for students, enabling them to develop their abilities throughout their college experience, emerging as an ethical, informed, and active changemaker.

*Definition from Rahman, Herbst, & Mobley, 2016

Students brainstorm ideas in small groups.

Social Innovation Conference at Nazareth

Conference on changemaking inspires and guides students »

Omonike "Nike" Oyelola with her sickle cell project poster

Omonike "Nike" Oyelola '17 — who experiences the physical pain of sickle cell disease — worked to increase awareness of the disease, including among health care workers who aren't blood specialists.

Oyelola's "Sickle the Cycle" project was honored as one of 100 exemplary projects showcased during a poster session, out of the 695 accepted by a Clinton Global Initiative University conference. Oyelola set numerical goals for people tweeting #sicklethecycle, "liking" her Sickle the Cycle page on Facebook, getting tested for sickle cell trait, for her fundraising, and for the number of health care professionals she sought to train.