Center for Service-Learning

Service-Learning Scholars

The goal of the Nazareth College's Center for Service-Learning (CSL) Service Learning Scholars Program is to promote the integration of high impact practice service-learning and community engaged scholarship at Nazareth College.

To achieve this goal, representatives from each of Nazareth College's Academic Schools: (School of Business and Leadership, College of Arts and Sciences, School of Health and Human Services, and School of Education) are invited to serve as a Scholar in the Center for Service-Learning. The role of the Service-Learning Scholars is to provide consultation and assistance to educate, advocate for, and showcase service-learning high impact practices.

Al Cabral

  • School of Business and Leadership
  • Experiential Learning Subcommittee
  • Creative Activity and Research Showcase (CARS) CSL Representative
Albert C. Cabral

Albert C. Cabral

Program Director for Business Organization & Management, Human Resource Development and Human Resource Management Programs & Associate Professor of Management in Business and Leadership, School of
Smyth Hall 147G

Lisa Hiley

  • School of Health & Humans Services

Marie Watkins

  • Community Youth Development
  • Developer of the Service Learning Scholars
  • Past Director of Service Learning¬†