Past Lectures

Series Archive

2023-2024 Flourishing Together in Justice and Joy
2019-2020: Neighbor with Neighbor: A Call to Solidarity
2018-19: Transformation Through Encounter
2017-18: Reclaiming our Common Humanity
2016-17: A Revolution of Tenderness
2015-16: Mercy, Always, in Everything, Mercy
2014-15: Embracing the Third Millennium, Empowering the People of God
2013-14: Acting on Faith, Doing Justice
2012–13: Integrating Faith and Science: Dilemmas, Debates, and Decisions
2011–12: Awakening the Heart: The Art(s) of Faith
2010–11: Envisioning and Shaping the Church to Come
2009–10: In Dialogue with Our World
2008–09: Women of Wisdom and Witness
2007–08: Pursuing Justice, Healing Humanity, Transforming the World
2007-06: Spirituality: Recovering the Sacred in Our Lives
2006-05: American Catholic and Perspectives on Faith and Culture
2005-04: Vision, Reality, Challenge: Vatican II, Forty Years Later