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The Staff Senate Committees at Nazareth University encompass a diverse range of groups, each with a unique focus, collectively aimed at improving various aspects of the university experience.

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Campus Culture and Communications Committee 

  • Focuses on enriching campus life and enhancing communication.
  • Promotes diversity and inclusivity and fosters a sense of community among staff, faculty, and students.
  • Ensures the efficient dissemination of information within the university.
  • Chair: Justin Shaw

Campus Improvements & Sustainability Committee

  • Concentrates on enhancing the physical campus environment while keeping¬†safety and accessibility in mind.
  • It addresses safety measures, ensures accessibility for all, and champions sustainable practices.
  • This committee plays a key role in creating a safer, more accessible, and environmentally conscious campus.
  • This Committee works in conjunction with the Campus' Sustainability initiative found here.
  • Co-Chairs: Erich D'Eredita & Eleanor Oi

The Diversity Equity and Inclusion Committee

  • Committed to fostering a diverse and equitable campus community.
  • It focuses on promoting inclusive practices, addressing equity issues, and ensuring that all staff and students feel valued and respected.
  • This committee is pivotal in driving meaningful change towards inclusivity.
  • Co-Chairs: Tara Winner-Swete & Jennifer Canning

The Staff Mentorship, Recognition, and Morale Committee

  • Focuses on supporting and appreciating staff members.
  • Develops mentorship programs, recognizes staff achievements, and boosts overall morale.
  • This committee is essential in cultivating a positive and supportive work environment.
  • Chair: Allison Curley

Professional Staff Development Committee

  • Dedicated to advancing the skills and careers of staff members.
  • It organizes training programs, workshops, and opportunities for professional growth, ensuring that staff continue to develop and excel in their roles.
  • Chair: Tara J. Winner-Swete