Suggestion Responses:

Shared Governance

Identify a staff governance structure similar to the Faculty Senate. And the Staff-Work-Life Committee needs to communicate more.


Staff should be given an annual day off between New Years and Memorial Day. The most beneficial time for an extra day off would be either the Monday Spring Break starts or the Friday of Spring Break Week since there will be no students on campus.
I would like to suggest that any increase in health care premiums be tiered in connection with each individual’s salary, perhaps on a percentage basis as pay rises are.
Is the percentage that one has deducted for retirement set on base pay or is it adjusted on hourly employees to reflect overtime?
Have someone come in and do a Medicare Workshop
Have a shared sick bank for staff to donate their time for others who need it.


Salary range question: If our minimum wage is going to be $15/hour, shouldn't the supervisors of any student workers be making more than that, enough to make a difference? I know someone who has been at the college for 25 yrs, and is only making $18/hour


How can the Staff Work Life Committee assist with so many staff positions vacant here at Nazareth? Can there be a town hall with college staff and the committee members? SWL is the main group right now that can assist since HR has a lot on their plate.
I think the staff morale is pretty low, with all the staff leaving, and the remaining staff doing multiple jobs. Many of us are considered "essential" enough not to be able to work from home as others could over the past year, and feelings are down.

Remote Work

Will there be some policy update/announcement about returning to campus full time? The students will be back in less than a month and most offices are empty the majority of the time.


Reserve Faculty/Staff parking should be added to the parking lot behind Peckham Hall.
Place for people to post non work related items ~ recipes, requests for recommendations, selling tickets, looking for a ride, etc.