Higher Education Opportunity Program

Arthur O. Eve HEOP is for motivated New York state students who, because of academic and economic circumstances, would otherwise be unable to attend post-secondary educational institutions.

By implementing high-impact support services, Nazareth develops our students into conscious, critical thinkers prepared for post-graduate and career opportunities. Read about our support services.


Freshmen and Transfer Requirements
Income Guidelines

How to Apply

Students Apply by March 15
Application Review
Financial Aid


What paperwork do I need to submit to be considered?
Can I apply early decision?
Is HEOP only for minority students?
I didn't know about HEOP when I started college. Can I apply now?
Will HEOP pay for everything I need?
How many college/AP credits can I transfer in as an HEOP freshman?
After enrolling in HEOP, what are my responsibilities to remain eligible?
HEOP history?
Shaun Moore, HEOP student


Major: political science
After Naz: Syracuse University College of Law

"HEOP gave me the opportunity to attend my top choice for undergrad, which is something that I never thought would be possible. Since then, the program has acted as a home base for me on campus. HEOP counselors are always working to connect students with whatever resources they might need, whether it be academic, financial, or otherwise. Overall, I can honestly say that my college experience was much easier because of this support."