Student Conduct Code (PDF)

Nazareth College is committed to fostering a safe and healthy campus environment conducive to education, study, work, and personal development. In order to establish and maintain this environment, the College has adopted the Student Code of Conduct by which all students and student organizations are expected to abide at all timesAll members of the Nazareth community are required to become familiar with these policies and comply with them.

The Student Conduct Office works with students who may have violated the Student Conduct Code to reflect on and accept responsibility for their own behavior.  

The conduct process focuses on student development and on taking responsibility for your own actions. Through informal and formal hearings, we assist students in understanding how their actions negatively impact others and their own goals. 

Know Your Code 

A snapshot of codes by topic.

The Conduct Process

Hearings, sanctions, and appeal information.

Good Samaritan Protocol 

Student Rights in the Conduct Process

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