Student Conduct

The Conduct Process

Getting Ready for your Hearing 

1) Read your charge letter. This will be sent to your Nazareth email account and will briefly outline the date and time of the incident, list the potential violations of the Student Code of Conduct, and details regarding your hearing.

2) Review the Student Code of Conduct and the Conduct Process. 

3) Your assigned conduct officer will schedule your hearing around your class schedule. Typically it will be held within a few weeks of the incident and you will be given at least 1 business day's notice. If you have another obligation (practice, work, or other student obligations) that may prevent you from meeting at your assigned time, please contact your hearing officer to reschedule. 

4) Please don't skip your meeting! If you do not attend your hearing, it will be held without the benefit of your participation and you will be notified of the outcome. 

During your Hearing

A conduct hearing is an opportunity to share your perspective on what took place during the documented incident.  Generally, these look like a conversation between yourself and your assigned hearing officer. This is your hearing, and while you have the right not to participate or answer any questions that may be asked of you, engaging fully in the hearing is recommended and encouraged.  We want you to be an active participant in the hearing process!  Most hearings will conclude with the hearing officer sharing their decision and the outcome.  In some cases, if there is more than one student involved, the decision may not be shared until all parties have been met with. 

You will be notified of the official decision of your hearing officer via an outcome letter that will be sent to your Nazareth student email, 

Types of Hearings

Formal Student Conduct Hearings
Informal Student Conduct Hearings

After your Hearing 

After your hearing, you will receive an outcome letter that will outline the decision of the hearing officer and any corresponding sanctions.


Deferred suspension from Nazareth College
Disciplinary probation
Removal from residence halls/Cancellation of housing contract
Deferred removal from the residence halls
Other potential sanctions

Appealing the Outcome 

You have the right to request an appeal of the outcome.  Appeals should be directed to the Associate Vice President for Student and Campus Life/Dean of Students.  The request must be received no later than seven (7) business days after the receipt of the written sanction(s).

In the absence of the Associate Vice President for Student and Campus Life/Dean of Students, a designated individual from the College’s senior administrative staff will be appointed to hear your appeal.

An appeal may be requested if you believe one or more of the following conditions exist: 

  1. A procedural error occurred during the process that had a direct impact on the outcome;
  2. Information is available that was unavailable at the time of the hearing, and the new information is relevant to the Student Conduct Body's determination; or
  3. The sanction is too severe.

It is important to know: All sanctions and interim actions remain in place throughout the appeal process or until the time to appeal has passed.

If the office of the Associate Vice President for Student and Campus Life/Dean of Students receives a request for an appeal, they may do the following 

  1. Uphold the original decision and sanctions
  2. Uphold the original decision and alter sanctions
  3. Refer the case for rehearing or review

All decisions of the Associate Vice President for Student and Campus Life/Dean of Students are final.