Web Policy Statement

The policies that will govern preparation, use, and maintenance of World Wide Web pages at the official Nazareth University site: www.naz.edu.

Purpose of the Nazareth University Web Site

Nazareth University's web site has been established to provide accurate and timely information about Nazareth to the outside community by means of the Internet, to aid in admissions work at the undergraduate and graduate levels, and to enhance the general identity and understanding of the University.

Definition of the Nazareth University Web Site

The Nazareth University web site will consist of two sources of information:

  1. The Nazareth University home page, containing links to information that presents a general profile of Nazareth and that can assist persons interested in the University and its activities.
  2. Academic and administrative department web pages. Each of Nazareth's academic and administrative departments may be represented on the Nazareth web site with information about departmental programs and activities. Departmental pages will be accessible through the links of the Nazareth University home page.

The official Nazareth University web site will consist only of the two sources of information described above.

Nazareth will not assist in and is not responsible for the development or posting of any other information on the Nazareth University site. A disclaimer to this effect will be posted prominently on the web site.

Development and Maintenance of the Nazareth University Web Site

Development and maintenance of the Nazareth University web site will be coordinated in co-operation by the directors of Marketing and Communications, and Information Technology Services. Marketing and Communications is responsible for information posted on the Nazareth University home page and links, working in conjunction with the appropriate academic and administrative department heads.

In addition, Nazareth will support the development of web pages for academic and administrative departments. The following procedures will be followed for development of these pages:

  • Each department interested in developing a web page will designate a faculty or staff member who will hold primary responsibility for the department's page.
  • The department liaison will then be responsible for contacting the Web Office in the department of marketing and communications. Support will include assistance with page mapping, text development,selection of photos, design, creation and posting of page(s).
  • All departmental pages will follow the official approved Nazareth format, using a template that specifies the use of the logo, some standard headings and footers. There may also be specified guidelines for dimensions and maximum file size. An outline of these technical guidelines is available. Use of this template will create a consistent, recognizable look for the Nazareth pages, while at the same time offering the departments flexibility in the design of their pages. Each departmental set of pages will also include the name and email address of departmental contacts.
  • The content of the departmental pages must be approved by the appropriate department chair/director and vice president. Marketing & Communications must also review and approve the content for grammar, style, and consistency with other Nazareth information. Both design and content will be reviewed and approved by Marketing & Communications prior to posting on the Nazareth site.
  • Each department should designate a staff member to key in text for its web pages, using ITS-provided technology. All documents intended to be posted on the web site must, at a minimum, be provided already in an electronic format.
  • All web pages must be reviewed and updated as necessary at least once each semester. Marketing & Communications will be responsible for updating information on the home page and home page links. Academic and administrative departments will be responsible for reviewing and updating their web pages. Updated information must be approved by the appropriate director.

Marketing & Communications will scan pages periodically and notify department liaisons if their pages are outdated and need updating. Expired information that has not been updated within a month of this notification will be removed from the Nazareth site.

Information Suitable for Posting

Information included on Nazareth's web site must be suitable for distribution to the campus community and to the outside community. In general, the information should describe the University's academic programs, resources, policies and procedures, staff, upcoming events, and services available to students and the public.

Examples of suitable information are program descriptions, course descriptions and schedules, faculty rosters, calendars and announcements of upcoming events, official college policy statements, and college/departmental accomplishments and distinctions. In many cases, information suitable for posting can be taken from official college publications (e.g., admissions materials, undergraduate and graduate catalogs, departmental brochures). A task force of faculty representatives will define recommended content for the academic departments' pages.

Information that is not appropriate for posting includes confidential information, commercial advertisements, and material that is illegal. Copyrighted material may not be posted without permission of the copyright holder.

Marketing & Communications reserves the right to remove from the college's web site any information that is outdated, inaccurate, detrimental to the college, or otherwise inappropriate. The department liaison and supervisor (director, chair, or vice president) will be notified in such an event.

In addition, Nazareth reserves the right to disable access to pages that are causing a negative impact on server or network performance.

Links to the Nazareth University Web Site

Other institutions and organizations may be interested in establishing links to the Nazareth web site (e.g., organizations of which Nazareth is a member institution, organizations/institutions with which the University collaborates on programs and activities, organizations that provide information to prospective students). Members of the Nazareth community who would like to recommend such links for the Nazareth site should forward their requests to Marketing & Communications, along with the Internet address of the requested link site.

Security of Information

Because information on Nazareth's web site is accessible to anyone on the Internet, private and confidential information should not be posted.

Information Technology Services will make all reasonable efforts to ensure that information presented on Nazareth's web site is secure from modification or deletion by anyone other than Web Office's staff, or by that designated departmental liaison(s) who has responsibility for maintaining that particular page.