The Wellness and Rehabilitation Institute (WRI)  provides an authentic interprofessional teaching and learning environment where students and faculty in the School of Health and Human Services can collaborate in clinical services, research, and the development of innovative practices. In the WRI clinics, students learn to apply academic knowledge to holistic, person-centered, evidence-based practice.

The clinics offer an array of affordable wellness, rehabilitative, and related educational services to children and adults with varying abilities and needs who are underserved or require supplemental services. Student clinicians under the supervision of licensed health professionals deliver the services in the on-campus clinics or through clinical outreach.

Each clinic and program page provides details about eligibility, fees, schedules, and referrals. Please direct questions to the contact person listed on the page.

All clinics remain open, some in temporary locations, during our renovation/construction project. This work will double the size of our clinics. Available online: an overview of the project and frequent construction progress updates