Tobacco/Vape-Free Campus

Effective: August 1, 2017

The policy: Nazareth College is a smoke-free, tobacco-free, and vape-free campus.

Where: All College-owned and leased property, indoors and out, including personal offices, parking lots, College sidewalks, and landscaped and recreational areas. The policy includes College-owned, leased, or rented vehicles, regardless of their location. Campus map.

Who: The policy includes faculty, staff, students, clients, contractors, and visitors.

Why: "As a campus that models health and wellness, we are advocating a healthy, safe, and clean environment for our students, visitors, and the Nazareth community. This policy helps us achieve that goal,” Nazareth President Daan Braveman said when announcing the policy in March 2017. "The Nazareth community coupled with our York Wellness and Rehabilitation Institute clinics and programs have a deep respect for the health of others and for a clean environment, and those values will be reflected in compliance with a tobacco-free campus."

Compliance: Courtesy and consideration will be exercised when informing others unaware of and/or in disregard of the policy. The College's goal is to educate and to help those who request assistance. The successful implementation of this policy depends on the involvement, respect, courtesy, and cooperation of the entire campus community.

Notifications: The policy was announced in March 2017. Appropriate signage has been posted in campus facilities and elsewhere to inform students, employees, and visitors of the Tobacco/Vape-Free Campus Policy. The policy is communicated in appropriate college publications and contracts. 

Help Quitting

Tobacco cessation services are free and confidential.

For students: Nazareth's Health & Counseling Services, 585-389-2500, meets individually with students to discuss available resources, including nicotine replacement, prescription medication, health evaluations, and one-on-one or group therapy. Students undecided about quitting are also welcome.

For Nazareth employees with Excellus health insuranceExcellus’s Quit for Life program (in partnership with the American Cancer Society), 800-442-8904, includes personalized phone coaching, discussion forums online, quit guides for you and for friends/family to assist you, and (if recommended for you) six weeks of nicotine replacement therapy (patches or gum).

For any Nazareth employees, spouses, dependent children, and others permanently living in your household: Nazareth's Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provides professional assessment, online resources, and short-term counseling to develop a problem-solving plan and referral to community services, including for tobacco cessation.

For anyone in New York stateNew York State Smokers’ Quitline or 866-697-8487.

For friends: Do's and don'ts for helping a smoker who's trying to quit, from the American Cancer Society.

Questions & Answers

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Full policy

Tobacco and Vape Free Policy, adopted March 8, 2017, takes effect August 1, 2017.

Talking Tips

Overall, be respectful and helpful
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