Nazareth's unique constellation of health and human services academic programs and clinics in our state-of-the-art facility provide the best learning environment and clinic spaces among colleges of similar size nationally.

  • Providing an authentic interprofessional teaching and learning environment in which College of Interprofessional Health and Human Services students learn to translate academic knowledge into holistic and person-centered, evidence-based practice.
  • Interprofessional education and collaborative practice: The York Institute is designed for learning and working across our professions: creative arts therapy (art, music, and play), nursing, occupational therapy, physical therapy, public health, social work, and speech-language pathology and audiology. Students learn to work effectively as a team, communicate well, solve problems, and to be culturally sensitive.
  • Research: Our facilities support student-faculty research and development to improve health outcomes and clinical practice.
  • High-quality community services: Students provide patient/family-centered, evidenced-based services across the lifespan at no or low cost to clients in our on-campus clinics and outreach programs in the community.


    Care such as physical therapy transforms community members' lives.
    Students gain professional experience in new clinical spaces and collaboration-focused classrooms.
    Nazareth's clinics offer an array of wellness and rehabilitative services for children and adults.

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    Virtual Tour

    Institute Benefits Students and Community

      Fast Facts About Naz

      • Nazareth clinic visits per academic year: more than 15,000
      • More than 1,100 students — more than one-third of Nazareth's enrollment — are pursuing a health or human service degree.
      • Students can complete a master’s degree in OT in five years, or a doctorate in PT in six years.
      • Nazareth's clinical outreach includes clinical placement relationships with hundreds of organizations around the country, outreach programs in the Rochester region, interprofessional collaborative practice opportunities on and off campus, and short-term service and learning trips with Health and Human Services faculty to IndiaEthiopia, Dominican Republic, and other places.

      “We like to hire Nazareth graduates. By learning to collaborate with colleagues in other disciplines and put the client at the center, Nazareth’s students are at the leading edge of the evolution in human services to be more integrated and person-driven. The ultimate benefit is to people with disabilities or injuries, who get better faster.”

      Marisa Favro-Geitner ’92, ‘95G, president and CEO of Heritage Christian Services, Rochester.


      Cathy Rasmussen directs the York Wellness and Rehabilitation Institute. Lynne Vick, Executive Assistant, 585-389-2397,

      The York Wellness & Rehabilitation Institute does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, ethnicity, sex, age, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, disability, veteran status, or genetic information.