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Digital Marketing Strategy

Bachelor of Science

From the highly creative to the deeply analytical, the field of digital marketing is multidimensional and dynamic — forever presenting fresh opportunities for strategic thinking in pursuit of new goals. This Bachelor of Science Digital Marketing Strategy program builds the essential skills and foundational expertise needed to navigate and compete in today’s digital marketplace:

  • Business skills
  • Marketing principles
  • Digital marketing strategies
  • Visual design and communications for digital marketing
  • Artificial intelligence and analytics

Connect + Learn

    Learn and apply skills in team projects.
    Work with real-life clients on customized goals and strategy.
    From the time you enroll to well into your career, your career coach supports your success.
    Get the skills and expertise needed to thrive in today's digital marketing space.

    Theory + practice: real-world experiences put classroom learning into action

    Group projects and coursework connect you with real-life clients, with whom you’ll collaborate to define marketing goals and design and deploy a digital marketing strategy optimized for their unique needs. Clients include organizations within both the for-profit and not-for-profit sectors, giving you firsthand experience with the unique needs of each type of organization.

    With the support of Nazareth’s leading career-preparation team at the Center for Life’s Work, you’ll complete at least one internship with a digital strategy, marketing, or advertising agency, department, or organization. Multiple internships are highly encouraged, including placements abroad, or in major cities, or with organizations in our own local region.

    Program Details


    As you progress in the program, take advantage of opportunities to earn certifications that will complement your degree, such as:

    • Google Analytics IQ Certification
    • Google Ads (Paid and Display) Certification
    • HubSpot Academy Certification(s)
    • Salesforce and Pardot Credentials
    • American Marketing Association (AMA) & Digital Marketing Institute (DMI) Certification

    Build your expertise + find your niche

    In addition to core curriculum requirements, the program includes coursework in:

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    AI, Data, and Statistics

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    Art and Visual Design

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    Business, Economics, and Leadership

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    Digital Marketing

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    Communication and Media

    Brad Ford

    Career Preparation

    The average student in the class of 2022 completed four career experiences such as internships, study abroad, research, and more.

    Skilled, smart, and ready to advance in the digital world

    By the time you graduate, you will have developed expertise in:

    • Evaluation of organizational opportunities that integrate digital strategy with the principles of business including marketing, communications, design, and leadership.
    • The fundamentals of digital design for social media, mobile technology, web development, search optimization, and viral advertising.
    • Formulating and effectively communicating strategic and tactical digital campaign recommendations with appropriate user experience research and business justification.
    • Analyzing digital marketing tactics through effective quantitative and qualitative evaluation.
    • Ethical values, self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and agile thinking to manage and lead digital project teams with a collaborative, equitable, and socially responsible mindset.
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    A Growing Industry

    According to the Occupational Outlook Handbook, growth is projected for many marketing occupations through 2030.

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    Electives for Exploration

    18 credits of elective options give you the flexibility to further focus on niches within the field of marketing or explore other areas that complement your marketing studies.

    Your Life's Work

    Example Careers
    • Digital media account executive
    • Digital advertising specialist
    • Advertising placement strategist
    • Marketing analyst
    • Paid media coordinator
    • Search engine optimization (SEO) analyst
    • Social media manager
    • User experience (UX) researcher
    • Web content strategist
    Internships/Field Experiences
    Potential Employers
    • Digital strategy and advertising agencies
    • In-house marketing departments
    • Data research and analytics firms


    Unique to Nazareth, our SPARK Grant provides $1,500 for you to pursue internships, research, and study abroad, plus up to $2,500 in a tuition scholarship for summer SPARK-eligible experiences that earn credit.

    SPARK stories

    The program focuses on essential areas that give you the edge as a digital marketer:
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    Business Skills
    bullhorn graphic
    Marketing Principles
    pathway graphic
    Digital Marketing Strategies
    pencil and brush graphic
    Visual Design & Communications for Digital
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    Artificial Intelligence & Analytics