Why Choose Nazareth for International Studies?

Today, growth of the global economy, ease of world-wide travel, and widespread use of the internet have made our world smaller than ever. The international studies degree program at Nazareth College prepares you to be actively engaged in international affairs as you become fluent in foreign languages, at home in many cultures, and concerned with global issues.

Since daily contact with people around the world is no longer just the province of diplomats, international studies at Nazareth helps qualify you for the ever-widening number of careers requiring internationally savvy. Hone your intellectual skills as you examine ethical dilemmas involved in communication, conflict, and cooperation between people of different cultures. As an international studies major, you'll explore problems that affect the world as a whole, as well as the ways in which countries interact.

Study abroad is required and is one of the strengths of this program. Nazareth's Center for International Education has partnerships with institutions in many countries, including Australia, France, Italy, Japan, Peru, and South Korea.

Program Highlights

  • Highly interdisciplinary program, combining anthropology, economics, politics, the humanities, and foreign language studies.
  • International studies majors become proficient in at least one foreign language, taking at least four language courses at the advanced level.
  • Students take a junior-senior seminar and undertake to solve an important international problem.
  • Many majors do a double major or minor in language. A business minor is popular with this course of study, as well as economics and political science.

Contact Information

Nevan Fisher

Nevan Fisher

Associate Professor in History & Political Science
Director of INS in International Studies
Director of CIE in Center for International Education
Golisano Academic Center 119-A

Education: B.A., Wake Forest University; M.A. and Ph.D., University of Virginia

Teaching and Research Interests: 20th Century Chinese Social and Cultural History; East Asian Christianity; East and Southeast Asian Social History; Revolution and War in Asia

Alumni Spotlight

    Lindsey Spector '11 talks about how Naz inspired her to pursue a career in international development

    Example Careers

    • State Department/embassy
    • Non-governmental agency
    • International business
    • Law
    • International relations
    • TESOL

    Internships/Field Experiences

    • United Nations Association of Rochester
    • International Student Network, Inc., Philadelphia, PA
    • Rochester City School District
    • Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship, Germany

    Graduate Schools/Employers

    • Drake University
    • Syracuse University
    • Widener University
    • Monroe County Democratic Committee
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    Program Spotlight

    In the last 10 years alone, six international studies majors have received prestigious U.S. Junior Fulbright Awards from the J. William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Program, sponsored by the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs. They have traveled to countries such as Germany, Slovakia, and Israel to teach English and study.