Business, Artificial Intelligence, and Innovation

This minor is a great fit for anyone interested in learning more about artificial intelligence, business, and leadership, including majors within the School of Business and Leadership: marketing, accounting, finance, and business leadership (formerly business management).

This business, artificial intelligence, and innovation minor is a collaboration of business and liberal arts to improve your technical, ethical, leadership, and business skills in working with artificial intelligence. Those combinations of skills will enable you to seek meaningful careers in the midst of the disruptiveness and uncertainty of constantly-changing technology.

These skills not only apply to businesses, but also to community non-profit organizations and governments dealing with the same technical challenges. In addition, the specific focus on the responsible use of artificial intelligence supports Nazareth's focus on service and civic engagement — preparing you with another way to make a difference in your community.

Nazareth College Center for Life's Work will work with you to arrange an artificial intelligence internship with a local firm or institution.

This program is aligned with the Institute for Technology, Artificial Intelligence, and Society (ITAS) that Nazareth is initiating to prepare students to create and improve technologies that lead to healthy, positive, and just outcomes with an emphasis on interdisciplinarity, entrepreneurship, and employability. The institute is being developed in 2020-21 and begins full operation in 2021.


Business, artificial intelligence, and innovation minor

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