Analytics is the integrated application of data, technology, statistics, and judgment to assess situations and inform predictions. How this knowledge can help you:

  • Analytics is one of the most in-demand skill sets in the job market
  • All fields need sound analysis
  • These skills can make you a leader in your field

This 18-credit minor adds valuable knowledge for undergraduate students interested in working in business, government, or non-profit settings, including roles in management, marketing, communications, politics, and public health, education, and other fields.

This program is aligned with Nazareth's Institute for Responsible Technology, designed to prepare students to create and improve technologies that lead to healthy, positive, and just outcomes with an emphasis on interdisciplinarity, entrepreneurship, and employability.

The Institute includes several undergraduate majors as well:

Program Options

Analytics (minor)

This minor pairs well with almost any Nazareth major, such as:

Why learn analytics?

“The demand for these skills is staggering.” — Professor Matt Koetz, math chairperson