Philosophy of Health and Science

Interdisciplinary Minor

Nazareth University's philosophy of health and science interdisciplinary minor focuses on exploring humanistic questions at the intersections of philosophy and science.

Learn to reason critically about ethical issues faced in health care and the sciences, to evaluate the norms of scientific theory and practice, and to understand diverse philosophical theories on mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.

Pairs well with different majors.

  • Students majoring in physical therapy and occupational therapy will learn about holistic approaches to physical and psychological well-being through this new minor.
  • Science majors in biology, chemistry, and biomedical sciences can use this minor to explore humanistic and ethical issues related to scientific research and practice as well as emerging questions in biomedical technology and law.
  • Students in psychology have the opportunity in this program to study philosophical theories of personal identity and consciousness and develop an understanding of how to find meaning in life and achieve overall well-being through existential psychotherapy.
  • Students interested in any of the majors related to ethics and artificial intelligence will learn philosophical theories of consciousness, the mind, and the ethical use of data. 

Program Details