Why Choose Nazareth for Chemistry?

Developing new medicines, solving forensic riddles, creating green technologies. The chemistry degree program at Nazareth University prepares you for numerous career opportunities, not only as research scientists and science teachers, but as problem solvers in a variety of fields.

You will not only learn science, but also how to be independent scientists. Research opportunities are offered as early as freshman year with a strong emphasis on modern lab techniques and problem solving. You also learn how to read and write like a scientist, so you can fully understand and utilize scientific journals and other key research. Close working relationships with the dynamic faculty makes work both challenging and fun.

Innovation is at the heart of our teaching. Undergraduate students have made biodiesel fuel from French fry oil, studied the chemical properties of wine making, and examined molecular design from the perspectives of biology, chemistry, and medicine. Under the guidance of faculty, you'll have the opportunity to do independent, inquiry-based research on your topic of interest.

Program Highlights

  • Be prepared for graduate study, careers in industry and research, professional programs in medicine, pharmacy, and dentistry, or elementary, middle, or high school (adolescent) science education.
  • Program is approved by the American Chemical Society.
  • Enjoy individualized attention from faculty, who closely supervise and guide you in the development and implementation of research projects.
  • Gain extensive training in modern lab techniques as well as experience managing projects.
  • Add in-demand analysis skills with a minor in analytics.
  • Participate in community service at Rochester Museum and Science Center and Lab Day, where you will mentor young students in chemistry.
  • Benefit from top-notch equipment in Nazareth's Peckham Hall, ranked among the top 20 science labs in the nation by The Princeton Review.
Alan Connor, alumnus of the chemistry major, bachelor of science degree at Nazareth College

Alumni Spotlight: Alan Connor ‘13, Ph.D.

Advanced engineer/scientist
Honeywell analytical laboratories

“The strongest thing about Naz was a lot of lab exposure. I worked under several professors for undergraduate research involving computational, inorganic catalysis, and organic synthesis. This lab work helped me tremendously when it came time to start in a research lab at the University of Buffalo (doctoral program). I would emphasize for anyone starting in chemistry to talk to professors about getting in the lab and look for who is offering REUs (research education for undergrads) because this makes you highly marketable later. Also, if you don't have a strong feeling of your future goals or interests, be vocal about it, because the faculty and staff are helpful in getting those goals and interests established, to put you on the path to success.”

Example Careers

  • Chemist
  • Environmental scientist
  • Quality control
  • Research analyst
  • Pharmacist
  • Forensics
  • Materials science
  • Patent law
  • Polymers
  • Chemical sales

Undergraduate Research Topics

  • HIV drug therapy
  • Biodiesel fuel
  • Computational chemistry
  • Catalysis
  • Pedagogical research
  • Ion mobility mass spectroscopy

Graduate Schools/Employers

  • University of Georgia
  • Notre Dame University
  • Cornell University
  • University of Southern California
  • U.S. Food and Drug Administration
  • Bausch & Lomb
  • IBM
  • Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, Inc.