Why Choose Nazareth for Political Science?

Is “exporting” American democracy to other nations good foreign policy? Why is U.S. health care policy different from that of other countries? What role does the internet play in grassroots political movements? Is it true that “all politics is local?”

The political science degree program at Nazareth College is the study of justice and power. Political scientists study power relationships the way economists study markets. With a focus on political philosophy, U.S. government, comparative politics, and international relations, our program helps students become informed citizens and prepares them for careers in public service and political leadership. 

Courses include relevant subjects like campaigns and elections, conflict in the Middle East, health care policy, and the politics of developing countries. We also explore the pros and cons of various political theories, the impact of American foreign policy on the global community, and the complexities of the legislative process.

Political science majors are also encouraged to experience the world of politics firsthand through internships in Washington, D.C., Albany, and Rochester. Pre-law students have the option to work in the local district attorney's office and private law firms as well.

Program Highlights

  • Political science majors develop essential skills for understanding primary texts, applying theories to new situations, building arguments, and analyzing political processes.
  • Small classes and individual attention from faculty.
  • Experiential learning with internships and independent study projects.
  • Emphasis on research, writing, oral presentation, and critical thinking.
  • Methodologies include historical, philosophical, and behavioral approaches.
  • A solid general knowledge foundation gives political science majors the flexibility to enter a broad range of careers such as law, government service, politics, journalism, and education.

Typical Class Schedule


Contact Information

Alumni Spotlight

    Jesse McGuire & Benjamin Pate, alum of the political science degree program, political science major

    Alumni Spotlight: Jesse McGuire & Benjamin Pate '12

    During their senior year, political science majors Jesse and Benjamin participated in the Election Fellows Program, funded by the U.S. Election Assistance Commission to recruit classmates as volunteer election inspectors at the polls.

    3 + 3 Law Degree

    To help students interested in pursuing a law degree or a career in law, Nazareth is partnering with Syracuse University College of Law to provide talented students with an expedited and discounted opportunity.

    The partnership is available to legal studies and political science students. Additional eligible majors may be added by May 2015.

    Example Careers/Outcomes

    • Congressional aide
    • Election supervisor
    • Correspondent/journalist
    • Urban planner
    • Lobbyist
    • Campaign manager
    • Attorney
    • Research assistant
    • State Department/Foreign Service
    • Intelligence

    Internships/Field Experiences

    • Semester internship in Washington, D.C. or Albany
    • Internships at private law firms and the Monroe County District Attorney and Public Defender’s offices
    • New York State Attorney General for Consumer Affairs
    • Offices of the Mayor of Rochester, members of the House of Representatives, and the U.S. Senate

    Graduate School/Employers

    • Cornell University
    • Syracuse University
    • The Honorable Rep. Louise Slaughter (D—NY)
    • Monroe County Democratic and Republican parties
    • Americorps
    • New York State Assembly