3 + 3 Law Degree with Syracuse University or University at Buffalo

Highly motivated legal students can complete a six-year combined B.A. and J.D. degree program through a Nazareth University partnership with Syracuse University College of Law or University at Buffalo School of Law. You complete three years at Nazareth as a legal studies, political science, history, or philosophy major and then three years at law school in Syracuse or Buffalo.

The benefits:

  • Save one year's time and tuition costs compared to the more typical seven-year path to bachelor's and J.D. degrees.
  • Eligible students may receive scholarships based on the terms outlined when accepted to Nazareth University.

Application process:

  1. High school seniors are eligible to apply. Complete the Nazareth University admissions process by the chosen deadline.
    • If you are a current Nazareth student, please contact Noel Wolfe, director of Nazareth's legal studies program, at nwolfe3@naz.edu.
  2. Submit test scores. Although Nazareth is a standardized-test-optional university for most programs, an SAT or ACT score is required for the 3+3 law program.
  3. Fill out the 3+3 law online supplemental application form. Once complete, this information will be combined with your Nazareth University application and reviewed by both the Nazareth admissions team and your chosen law school.
  4. Admitted students receive official admission to Nazareth University and documentation of eligibility for admission to Syracuse University College of Law or University at Buffalo School of Law.
  5. To be eligible for any need-based financial aid, please fill out the FAFSA by the appropriate deadline.


See requirements and answers to frequently asked questions.


Olena Prokopovych, Associate Professor
Nazareth University

Steve Budgar, Director of Admissions
Syracuse University of Law

Lindsay J. Gladney, Vice Dean for Admissions
University at Buffalo School of Law

Law school, J.D. law degree program at Syracuse University, NY
University at Buffalo School of Law logo
Olivia Fontana, law school, J.D. law degree program at Nazareth College and Syracuse University

Alumni Spotlight

“Learning from practicing legal professionals was a strength of the legal studies program at Nazareth. I was well prepared for the LSAT and for law school from their advice and from legal courses covering case briefing, rule synthesis, legal writing, and research. The 3+3 program is a significant financial savings. I am really excited about everything I am learning and doing here at Syracuse. Law school has been a huge adjustment but I can feel it pushing me beyond my comfort zones and helping me to reach my full potential.” 
— Olivia Fontana, legal studies major at Nazareth, completed her J.D. degree in 2019.

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