Why Choose Nazareth for Sociology?

How are apps like Tindr and Bumble changing how people find romantic partners? What explains why some groups of people refuse vaccines and others embrace them? Is changing individual behaviors an effective solution to environmental problems? Sociology isn't just the study of people in groups, it's the science that can help us understand the opportunities and obstacles in our own day-to-day lives while at the same time lending insight into many of the biggest problems facing society: political unrest, income inequality, racism, sexism, and environmental problems.

The sociology major at Nazareth University is a flexible, supportive, close-knit program with three full-time faculty members who are committed to inclusive teaching practices, pedagogical excellence, and focusing on contemporary topics that are meaningful to the lives of undergraduates. The requirements and scheduling of courses for the sociology major are designed to fit easily with a second major or a minor and many education students find the pairing with sociology particularly useful.

Our program offers unique classes not generally found in other sociology departments including Screen Time: Technology in TV & Film and Water, Gender & Society; and The Sociology of Work. Our majors also take two research methods courses to first learn the basic principles of sociological research and then have the opportunity to conduct your own small qualitative study that you can present on campus during Nazareth's annual Creative Activity and Research Showcase (CARS) celebration. Service-learning projects, off-campus trips, and internships complement classroom learning.


We prepare you to be a changemaker by helping you see how larger social forces are at play "behind the scenes" in the obstacles and opportunities we each encounter every day. We also emphasize how collective action is the key to resolving many of our most vexing social problems. The sociology major builds the skill of seeing the world from the point of view of others; graduates often say that the program has helped them be more open-minded, objective, and understanding of social and cultural differences and the challenges faced by those who are different from themselves.

Program Highlights

  • Unique classes on contemporary topics that are revised each year to incorporate current events.
  • Flexibility in requirements and scheduling to make double majoring or adding a minor straightforward and easily doable within four years.
  • The opportunity to carry out an independent research project and present your work at Nazareth's all-day showcase of student research, scholarship, and creative activity.
  • Small classes and individual attention from faculty who are committed to engaging, inclusive, and effective teaching practices.
  • Qualified juniors and seniors are eligible to apply for the endowed Urlaub Internship.
  • Sociology majors learn skills applicable to a wide range of occupations in fields such as teaching, counseling, journalism, marketing, human resources, communications, politics, non-profit work, and international relations.
Sarah Spano '20, sociology major, uses her degree in her work as a home/hospital teacher

Alumni Spotlight

"Nazareth's sociology program gave me the language to describe my lived experience, which proved to be incredibly powerful to my life. I was given tools to don 'sociology goggles' and see the ways various identities can intersect to shape experiences of other folks. I was also able to go out in the community and conduct both qualitative and quantitative research. When I started school, I thought education was a space for objectivity, that 'me' and 'my' did not exist in those spaces. Nazareth made it clear that I not only belonged in that space, but that my subjective experience mattered and was important, and empowered me to understand that my voice matters.

"As a home/hospital teacher through the Rochester City School District, I meet with students 1:1, typically in the student's home. I learned the importance of diversity and inclusion in my time at Nazareth, and have begun to understand the complex social and cultural dynamics at both a local and national level that shape my students' lives every day. Attending Nazareth fundamentally changed my life for the better, and it is a privilege to continue to learn with my students every day!"

Sarah Spano '20 (sociology and inclusive early childhood and childhood education), '23G (inclusive childhood education, with an early intervention specialist advanced certificate)


100% of the sociology and anthropology majors in a recent class indicated they were employed or attending graduate school (including New York University and Nazareth) within six months of graduating, based on a strong knowledge rate of 92% reporting.

Example Careers/Outcomes

  • Community organizations
  • Counseling
  • Human services
  • Market research
  • Labor relations
  • Public relations
  • Criminal justice
  • Education

Internships/Field Experiences

  • Nelson Mandela International School, Berlin, Germany
  • Empire Justice CASH (Creating Assets, Savings, Hope) Program
  • The Compliance Search Group, NYC
  • Monroe County Office of Probation
  • Rochester Razorsharks

Graduate Schools/Employers

  • Rochester General Health System
  • University of Rochester
  • First Niagara Risk Management
  • Baltimore County Public Schools