Why Choose Nazareth for Special Education?

New York State special education teacher certification is known as Teaching Students with Disabilities. Students interested in certification in Teaching Students with Disabilities first select the age/grade level at which they wish to teach (early childhood/childhood or adolescence).

Students can graduate from Nazareth with certifications in both general and special education, but our programs are much broader than that in their scope. Here, learning to teach a wide range of students is woven into everything we do. Classes concentrate on child development, learner characteristics, differentiated instruction, and culturally responsive teaching as well as special education. The focus is on inclusive education, designing productive learning environments for all learners, and the preparation of teachers to teach all students.

Possible Certifications

Nazareth offers certification in Teaching Students with Disabilities and in general education at every level:

Meant to Teach

    Nazareth educates the best teachers you know.
    Michael Black, alum of special education degree, teaching students with disabilities certification

    Alumni Spotlight

    Michael Black '14

    West Irondequoit Central School District special education teacher and Together Including Every Student (TIES) program coordinator

    "At Nazareth I learned the importance of differentiating my instruction to meet the needs of all learners in my classroom and that all students are capable of being successful. The path they take to get there may look different and require a different type of support. A whole student approach, as well as an emphasis on backwards planning, are just a few ways that the inclusion program has helped shape my teaching as a professional."

    College of Distinction: Education badge

    Example Careers

    • Special education teacher
    • Early childhood intervention specialist
    • Youth services consultant
    • Childcare services educator
    • Consultant teacher

    Fieldwork/Student Teaching

    • Rochester City School District
    • Hope Hall
    • Norman Howard School
    • BOCES
    • Victor Central School District
    • Lois Bird School
    • Greece Central School District