Why Choose Nazareth for Adolescence Education?

Middle and high school teachers fill many roles: educators, role models, mentors, allies, coaches, and advocates. In preparing you to teach the challenging and rewarding population of 7th- through 12th-graders, Nazareth teaches about the characteristics of adolescent learners, the skills and methodologies needed to reach teenagers at different learning levels, and how to use classroom technology to capture their imaginations. Nazareth secondary education faculty work closely with Nazareth content-area faculty to help teacher candidates bring your knowledge and passion for your subject into your work with middle school and high school learners.

This secondary education degree program has strong ties to the liberal arts and to its content areas. The flexibility means you graduate with a content major and certification in teaching grades 7 through 12, both in your content area and in Teaching Students with Disabilities. Methods classes are taught within the content-major department by NYS-certified professors who have public school teaching experience. All secondary education classes have ongoing partnerships and fieldwork in secondary schools that go well beyond New York State fieldwork requirements. An intensive 14-week student teaching program, longer than many comparable programs, prepares you for the workforce; international student teaching opportunities are also available.

Program Highlights

  • With the “four + one year” program option (completing bachelor’s and master’s degrees in five years), you can receive initial teacher certification in four years, then choose from as many as 13 paths for graduate studies.
  • By taking two summer courses after junior year, you will earn dual certification in Teaching Adolescents with Disabilities, which increases your marketability and your preparation for working with the diverse needs of adolescent learners.
  • High placement rate and superb career services support.
  • Extensive graduate programs with additional teacher certifications right at Nazareth.

Grants for Urban Education

New York state residents from groups historically underrepresented in the teaching field who enroll full-time in this degree program and are committed to teaching in high-need urban schools can apply to Nazareth for a Teacher Opportunity Corps (TOC) scholarship.

Possible Majors and Certifications

Majors for Dual Certification

The following majors have the option for a dual certification for Teaching Adolescents with Disabilities.

Stephanie Amico, alum of secondary education degree program, teacher certification in Rochester NY

Alumni Spotlight: Stephanie Amico ‘14

Biology and inclusive adolescence education major. Became a science special education teacher at Greece Athena High School, N.Y., and went on for a master’s in educational technology at Nazareth.

“My friends in education at other colleges had to find classrooms to observe, and they sat in the back. Nazareth placed me in specific settings and pushed me to jump in and assist the teachers. I started working in one of the districts the day I graduated. I rely on the student-centered, hands-on strategies I learned, such as taking my students out to a stream near our building to measure water contamination.”

College of Distinction: Education badge

Meant to Teach

    Nazareth College educates the best teachers you know.

    Example Careers

    • Middle school teacher
    • High school teacher
    • Special education teacher
    • Community college instructor
    • College or high school athletic team coach
    • Museum educator

    Fieldwork/Student Teaching

    • Rochester City School District
    • Young Women's College Preparatory Academy
    • Norman Howard School
    • Fairport Schools
    • Spencerport Schools
    • Leeds, England
    • Aquinas Institute

    Graduate Schools/Employers

    • Webster Thomas High School
    • Jefferson Community College
    • St. Johnsbury Academy, Vt.
    • Siena Catholic Academy
    • State University of New York at Buffalo
    • Virginia Commonwealth University
    • American University