Accounts Payable

Cash and Checks

Check Cashing

  • Check cashing is available in the Accounts Payable office (located in Smyth Hall, Suite 42) Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  • Nazareth faculty, staff, and students can cash personal checks and payroll checks up to $50. You are required to bring your Nazareth College ID and to endorse the check in front of an Accounts Payable staff member.
  • Make personal checks payable to "Nazareth College" and include student ID number or faculty/staff campus phone extension number on the check.
  • The fee for a check returned by the bank for insufficient funds is $25, and you will be notified in writing. If three checks are dishonored, the ability to cash any checks in the Accounts Payable office will be discontinued.

Petty Cash

For reimbursements under $10 (i.e. parking fees), petty cash is available in Accounts Payable. Bring a petty cash voucher with supervisor approval and brief explanation of charge(s) with the original receipt to the Accounts Payable office. Also include the General Ledger account number to be charged. Petty cash policy ยป