Purchasing and Paying

Check requests

Use the Check Request Form.

All check requests, with supporting documentation, need to be submitted electronically to Accounts Payable email: accountspayable@naz.edu. Your email subject line should include the date of check request and total amount of the reimbursement or payment.

Please include the vendor name and address, amount requested, general ledger account number(s) to be charged, and an explanation for the request. 

Employees completing a Travel Reimbursement Form, or a Check Request Form for an expense reimbursement, need to include their current mailing address to assist us in properly identifying your system record.

IMPORTANT: Scan receipts and/or supporting documentation along with the Check Request Form in a single PDF document.

Employees are reimbursed via ACH and need to set up banking Information for Accounts Payable in Naznet. Find links to the required documents in the Reimbursement Section below.

Submission Deadline: Approved check requests need to be received by 4:30 PM Tuesday to be included in check processing the following Thursday.

Check requests - student payments (non-payroll)

Use this guide for payments to students: Student Payments Flow Chart

Student Payment Check Request Form


Invoices are handled much like Check Requests, however you do NOT need to complete a Check Request to have an invoice paid. All invoices should be submitted electronically to Accounts Payable via AP email:  accountspayable@naz.edu. It is important to include the vendor name, amount, and invoice number in the Subject Line of the email. Invoices must include the 14-digit general ledger account number and departmental approval before being submitted to Accounts Payable. Invoices are approved by Director of AP or AP Manager. Invoices will be scheduled for payment based on the due date noted by vendor.

IMPORTANT: Scan receipts and/or supporting documentation along with the invoice/Check Request Form in a single PDF document.

Nazareth AP utilizes a third party payment provider, Paymerang, to make all vendor payments. Invoice payments are in the form of a check, ACH deposit, or credit card payment, as determined by the vendor.

W-9 form information

Payment requests using funds from multiple departments

For payment requests using funds from department(s) other than one’s own and/or using funds from multiple sources:

  • Obtain that Department Head’s written approval, amount approved, and their 14-digit general ledger account number on invoice/check request, or
  • Request email approval from that Department Head allocating their funds towards your specific payment.

The email must state:

  • The specific dollar amount they are approving
  • The 14-digit general ledger account number to be charged
  • A reference to the specific reason for payment

Attach the email approval to the approved invoice or check request. Forward to Accounts Payable for processing.

On the approved invoice/check request, please make a note to Accounts Payable that there are additional funding sources so the staff can allocate the funds appropriately within the payment system. The check request has additional lines for multiple funding sources.

Payments to foreign nationals/nonresident aliens
Credit cards - Wegmans & BJs Wholesale

Accounts Payable maintains a credit card with Wegmans. The card may be signed out from the Accounts Payable Office in Smyth #42. The card must be returned with the original receipts approved by the supervisor from the originating department within 24 hours.

Nazareth also has a BJ's membership card. However, it is NOT a credit card. The membership card allows us to purchase as a tax-exempt organization. An individual using this membership card will still be required to provide form of payment at the time of purchase.

Gift card policy

Gift card purchases are not allowed for any Nazareth employee – faculty, staff, or student. Nazareth University Purchasing cards (Pcards) may not be used to purchase gift cards for any reason.

Additional Compensation to Employees

No employee should receive a gift card. If the employee's supervisor wants a stipend to be considered, they must complete a "Notice of Personal Action" (NPA) through the Human Resource Office. If approved, the employee would receive the additional amount through payroll.

Allowed Gift Card Purchases:

  • Volunteers - as a small token of appreciation or "thank you" for their time and effort at the discretion of the department head responsible for the volunteers.
  • Prizes awarded at Student Experience events.

Explanations must be provided for any gift card purchase. Include the following information:

  • Why was the gift card purchased?
  • Who is the recipient of the gift card?

The maximum amount allowed for any gift card is $50.

Petty Cash

The Accounts Payable Office retains a small amount of cash for departments to make change for university events. Please contact Accounts Payable two weeks in advance of the event to request the cash to assure it's available for pick up.

Purchasing cards
  • Our purchasing card (P-Card) program is limited and is recommended for departments with a large monthly volume of small dollar amount purchases that would typically be covered by an individual then seeking reimbursement.
  • The P-Card is meant for small dollar purchases under $500.
  • The P-Card cannot be used for travel-related expenses (including meals) or capital purchases.
  • To request a P-Card for yourself or your department contact the P-Card Administrator, Colleen Costanza, at ccostan5@naz.edu.
Purchase orders

For capital purchases over $2,000, Nazareth requires a Purchase Order Requisition form. Include vendor name, vendor address, fax number, items ordered, and the general ledger account number to be charged. Obtain department head approval and forward to Accounts Payable. Purchase orders may be used for other purchases, such as if required by the vendor.

Purchases orders over $25,000 require three (3) bids from different vendors with an explanation as to the winning bid.

Purchase orders over $100,000 require additional approval from the Vice President for Finance and Administration in addition to three (3) bids from different vendors.

If there is a sole source vendor, an explanation must be provided.

Purchase orders are printed once each week on Fridays. The Purchase Order copy will be emailed to the requisitioning department, and they then forward it to the vendor.

  • All technology-related purchases must be processed through ITS:
  • Contact Mary Jo Callahan
  • Contact Michelle Civiletti
  • Contact Dean or Vice President of requisitioning department for approval
  • All furniture purchases must be processed through Facilities:
  • All other capital expenditures:

Accounts Payable receives the invoice matching an outstanding PO and forwards it to the requisitioning department for approval. If the order has been fulfilled/goods have been received, the requisitioning department will mark the invoice as "Okay to Pay" and return it to Accounts Payable email accountspayable@naz.edu for the payment to be processed.

Mileage Reimbursement Rate

Private vehicles: 67 cents per mile plus parking and tolls

(As of January 2024)