Apply: Creative Arts Therapy: Art Therapy specialization

1. Register & apply: Register (create an account) and complete your application online, which includes submitting a resume, professional statement, and two letters of recommendation as detailed below.


Include information about your degree(s), employment experience, and specialized skills, training, and/or certification(s).

Professional Statement

In this essential component of the application, explain your reasons for seeking this graduate program. Include any information that will advance your candidacy, such as personal and professional attributes and goals, volunteer and professional experiences related to the program to which you are applying, and other related life experiences. Describe your future academic plans and anticipated contributions to the specific profession for which this program will prepare you.

If you did not have an undergraduate grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 or higher and a B average in your major field, you must also address the following in your professional statement:

  • Explain why your grades were below Nazareth's minimum expectations.
  • Outline specific procedures you will follow to successfully navigate and meet the rigorous requirements of graduate study.
  • Describe relevant experiences and/or activities that demonstrate your ability to successfully complete graduate work at Nazareth University.

The Art Therapy program also requires that applicants answer the following questions in their profession statement:

  1. What are your reasons for being interested in art therapy? What are your reasons for pursuing a graduate degree in creative arts therapy with a specialization in art therapy at this time? What are your professional goals?
  2. How has your academic, practical and life experience prepared you for becoming an art therapist?
  3. What do you consider your strengths and weaknesses in becoming an art therapist? What do you consider will be your potential areas of growth in becoming an art therapist?
Letters of Recommendation
  • Submit these through the online application. If you would like to provide additional letters of recommendation, email the Office of Graduate Admissions,
  • Or you can use a credential file for this requirement if the letters were submitted for the purpose of graduate study, not for employment. If you have this type of file, have your college send it to Nazareth’s Graduate Admissions office.
  • These recommendations are used only for admission to a graduate program at Nazareth University. Graduate Admissions will dispose of all letters of recommendation following the admissions review process.

Register for an account & apply online


2. Request official transcripts from each college you attended.

  • If you attended Nazareth, the Office of Graduate Admissions will obtain your transcript upon receipt of your application packet.
  • If you didn't attend Nazareth, ask your previous college(s) to send your transcript directly to Nazareth's Office of Graduate Admissions. International applicants: Submit English-translated transcripts, including bachelor's or higher degree equivalency through a NACES-certified evaluation service such as World Education Service, Educational Credential Evaluations, or Josef Silny & Associates. (The evaluation is at the expense of the student.) Also see international admissions requirements.


3. Complete additional requirements:

  • 20-piece portfolio demonstrating competency in two- and three-dimensional work. (Exceptions to this format are by program director approval only.) Applicants may upload images of artwork using through the Nazareth online application. Images must be uploaded before the application can be submitted.
  • Prerequisite coursework: 18 credits in studio art, 12 credits in psychology (including Introduction to Psychology or General Psychology, Abnormal Psychology, and two electives)
  • Program director will contact qualified applicants for an interview.


Fall Term

Deadline: Jan. 15

Extended Deadline: April 1

After April 1: Applications submitted after the deadline will be reviewed on a space-available basis

Applications are only accepted for the fall term.

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