Jane and Laurence Glazer Music Performance Center

Acoustic Excellence

    Glazer Music Performance Hall Opens

    About the Center

    The opening of the $15.5 million Jane and Laurence Glazer Music Performance Center marks a new chapter in Nazareth University's ability to educate students in an acoustically appropriate space as well as present the best in diverse programming. Located adjacent to the Arts Center, the venue includes a 550-seat performance hall designed specifically for the acoustics of large instrumental ensembles and featuring state-of-the-art technology.

    "An extension of the Nazareth Arts Center, the new performance center is a vibrant and vital addition to Nazareth and the region," said former Nazareth President Daan Braveman. "Not only will this new venue draw more visitors to campus to experience the arts, but it will also enable Nazareth to accommodate those students who wish to pursue careers in music."


    • Every detail of the new space is designed for an optimal acoustic experience. From the thickness of the walls and the inaudible HVAC system, to the acoustic curtains and sound-sealed doors, this hall is unique within the Rochester region in its acoustic capabilities.
    • The new hall's stage is twice as large as Nazareth's existing Linehan Chapel stage and is the same size as the stage of Carnegie Hall, enabling more musicians to perform together and to allow richer collaborations amongst our students and the community.
    • Enables expanded community partnerships, as well as additional programming opportunities for the Arts Center's season.

    Who were the Glazers?

    The venue is named after the late Jane and Larry Glazer, a beloved couple who was well-known to Nazareth and the Rochester community for their entrepreneurial spirit in helping rebuild downtown. Through the Jane and Laurence Glazer Charitable Trust, the Glazers' three children gave a generous gift to name the Center in memory of their parents.

    About Beston Hall

    The Rose Marie and John Beston Hall is the main 550-seat performance space within the Glazer Music Performance Center. Dr. Rose Marie Beston served the University as Nazareth's seventh president for 14 years, the second-longest tenured president in the school's history, from 1984-1998.