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Every Vehicle Needs a Permit

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Reserved Parking


Nazareth transportation

For transportation due to health, medical, or mobility complications, see Special Accommodation Transports.

Rochester Buses

  • Masks are required on RTS vehicles.
  • Rochester Regional Transit Service (RTS) route numbers and service changed May 17, 2021. See RTS service plan or call RTS customer service, 585-288-1700.
  • On the RTS app called Transit, you can set up an RTS Go account, purchase tickets online and plan trips.

Parking Policies

  • Everyone, always: All students, faculty, and staff are required to register their vehicle(s) with Campus Safety and display a valid parking permit at all times parked on campus. Students must register/renew at the start of each semester, and faculty and staff must register/renew annually.
  • Yes, even nights and weekends: Parking policies are in effect at all times. Park only in designated spaces and lots in accordance with your permit. Parking in or blocking fire lanes, roadways, grass, walkways, sidewalks, and loading docks is strictly prohibited.
  • Change of vehicle? Update any change in vehicle promptly with Campus Safety either in person (Shults 21) or by email,
  • Enforcement: Vehicles not registered with Campus Safety, not parked in an appropriate space or lot, or not displaying a valid parking permit, will be ticketed and are subject to booting, towing, and loss of parking privileges.
  • Safety first: Do not move or remove cones, barriers, and other traffic control devices.
  • Tell your visitors: When inviting guests/visitors to campus, please direct them to visitor spaces in F lot and A lot and encourage them to obtain a temporary parking pass. Such passes can only be issued for up to two days.
  • Organizing an event? Be sure to register your campus events via 25Live, which is one way we plan for event parking.