Center for Civic Engagement

What is Civic Engagement?

Get Involved

The programs page outlines many opportunities for non-credit bearing civic engagement opportunities. The Center for Service-Learning outlines opportunities that are credit-bearing engagement opportunities.

Create Close Community Ties

Rochester has been a host to Nazareth College since 1924. For years, thousands of students have developed into honorable scholars and professionals with the help of the community that surrounds the college. The Center creates close ties between students and the people and places that make up Rochester. It recognizes the importance of the Nazareth community and Rochester community relationship; both inspiring each other to prosper and grow.

Help Us Rise to our Potential

Nazareth College has a multitude of opportunities for students to become civic leaders. The potential for civic engagement at Nazareth College is boundless. The Center is a way of focusing and growing that potential by acting as a link between the opportunities under the umbrella of civic engagement.

Strengthen Academic and Professional Interests

A large part of civic engagement is applying your knowledge as a scholar to the betterment of society. The Center supports campus community partnerships that allow students, faculty and staff to participate in community based research and scholarship.

Aid in our Pursuit of Excellence

The Center aids in the students' journey towards mastering the art of becoming civically engaged and socially conscious leaders.

Characteristics of Civic Engagement

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