Reflection, awareness, and integration are the hallmarks of the Nazareth College undergraduate experiential learning requirement in the core curriculum. To integrate these out-of-the-classroom learning experiences, you will:

  • Describe and reflect on what you have learned — and how. This enhances your learning by building connections between your experiences, career development goals, and civic life. 
  • Explore, evaluate, and articulate your personal and social values.
  • Integrate and apply the skills and knowledge you have gained in the classroom to practical experiences and problems locally and in our world.

Experiential learning pathways

  1. Service Learning
  2. Student Leadership, including Nazareth Leadership program
  3. Internships
  4. Noncredit-Bearing Community Engagement (e.g. Alternative BreaksPartners for ServingPartners for LearningConversation Partner Program, LifePrep, etc.)
  5. Field & Clinical Experiences
  6. International Experiences 
  7. Mentored Research
  8. Mentored Creative Activity 

Credit-bearing courses that satisfy the EL requirement are listed in the Student Planning course catalog; select the course level of "experiential learning" to see a list.

The link on the upper right of this webpage also provided a detailed listing of all courses and programs that fulfill the EL Requirement.

EL Courses/Programs List for Advisors & Students

Updated for Fall 2021: Viewable Spreadsheet by EL Pathway

Cassandra Matalavage

Student Spotlight

Tutoring students in Rochester as a freshman was eye-opening and shifted her career plans, says Cassandra "Cassie" Matalavage '17. Taking the time to reflect on her experiences was key. Click for the full story.