Center for Civic Engagement

Post-Grad Service Experience

Enhance your professional skills while supporting community development projects. Many people desire to engage in community-building programs with more than a weekly volunteer commitment; these options include summer and long-term projects. Partner with local or global organizations and build on the strengths of the community in which you are working.

Short- & Long-Term Service FAQs

What are the benefits?
How long are service options?
What types of living expenses will most service organizations provide?
What are some examples of service options?
What is the difference between secular service and faith-based programs?
What are the application deadlines for short-term and long-term service?
Are there any service options with a different type of application timeline?

Peace Corps

What is the Peace Corps mission and goals?
How competitive is the Peace Corps?
How do you qualify for the Peace Corps?
What is the application process like for the Peace Corps?
What is Rochester Youth Year?

Interested in Post Grad Service? Contact:

Nuala S. Boyle

Nuala S. Boyle

Director in Center for Civic Engagement
Golisano Academic Center 108

Nazareth's Career Services also can provide guidance on post-grad experiences.

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