"Go light up the world!"

"When I graduated back in 1990 from high school, my world was changing. I was heading off to college, excited, nervous and scared all at the same time. Today as we celebrate your accomplishment, the world as we knew it has changed yet your graduation today is a positive one! And now may your actions for tomorrows to come bring even more positiveness into this ever changing world of ours! Go light up the world!" - Tracy Harris '95

Julianne Burch

"Opportunities will pop up everywhere you look."

"Congratulations on graduating from Nazareth in such an amazing way!!! Once you have left the Nazareth community you may feel lost at first because you may not know where to look for work, where to make new friends, where to find another community. This feeling of disorientation is completely normal, but only temporary. Since you have graduated with such honors, you will be able to look for new opportunities anywhere you like. You will have the freedom to make choices about where you will go, where you will work, and who you will meet. Opportunities will pop up everywhere you look — so go for the ones that allow you to follow your heart!! Congratulations again!!"

- Julianne Burch '16

Follow your passions and look for unexpected opportunities.
Sue Holland with her best Naz buds on Graduation day May 1984

"Savor your accomplishment and dream BIG!"

"Congratulations Class of 2020!! Well done on achieving your goal as you faced unprecedented challenges in your final semester! Your tenacity and perseverance will be strong traits to enable you to seize your future! My best advice: Dare to try! Failure is better than NOT trying to reach for the stars! You'll be surprised what you can accomplish. Just look at what you did for the last few months. Congratulations!! Savor your accomplishment and dream BIG!"

- Margaret Mary Smith '84, '89G

Welcome to the ranks of Nazareth alumni — we are so proud of you.
Your Nazareth family is thinking of you and holding you in our hearts on this day
Molly MacIntyre

"Earning my degree from Naz opened up many important opportunities for me, and I'm hopeful it will for you, as well. Congratulations on fulfilling your commitment to your education, and best of luck with the life experiences you'll learn from once you move on to the next phase of your life!"

- Molly R. '15G

Follow your dream, always be kind, and work hard.

"Congratulations Class of 2020, wishing you all the best in your bright futures!"

- Julie Keefe '17, '19G

Kristin with CSD faculty, commencement 2018

"Your future is bright and you will blaze a path no matter where life takes you!"

"Congrats Class of 2020! Your future is bright and you will blaze a path no matter where life takes you! Keep your head up, believe in yourself, and know that you are strong! You've got this! Here's to all that is to come! CONGRATS!" - Kristin Bergholtz '02, '04G

May your future be as bright as your smile

"Congratulations Class of 2020! Wishing you the best of luck on your next adventure."

- M.W. '19

"You're off to Great Places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting, So... get on your way!" - Dr. Seuss

Kim Schleyer

"Dear Class of 2020 - Congratulations!! I wanted to offer some life lessons or good advice that I've come across in the world since I graduated.

  • Surround yourself with people whose eyes light up when they see you.
  • Slowly is the fastest way to get to where you are going.
  • The top of one mountain is the bottom of the next, so keep climbing.
  • Be true to yourself and follow your heart; it will never steer you wrong.
  • Know that life never works out the way you planned, so be prepared to just go with the flow because you never know what hand you are going to be dealt next.

Congrats again! Now go change the world!" - Kim Schleyer '07, '09G

Joan Caruso

"Our world needs your knowledge, your insight, your courage and your faith, now more than ever."

"Though I graduated in 1967, my gratitude for my Nazareth experience never has wavered. My life's work as a teacher grew from my intellectual education. My life's purpose continues to evolve from the indefinable spirit which was and is Nazareth. Thus, I feel a strong connection to you. Though your Commencement must be postponed, your commencement already has begun. Our world needs your knowledge, your insight, your courage and your faith, now more than ever." - Joan Mascaro Caruso '67

Congratulations, graduates!

"You are our future"

"As an alumna of Nazareth ('64), I was asked to convey to you what I hope for your future. I could say all the cliches — may you succeed, be happy, live your dream, etc. The years my prodigy and I have left on earth depend on you — you are the ones who can make a better life for us all with your youthful energy and intellectual curiosity. As you have depended on your elders, we now depend on you! You are our future. Congratulations and may God bless you!"

- Sandra Clark Quinn '64

Ben Stracuzzi

"Always keep your dreams in sight, even if your path to the dream isn't what you thought."

"Congrats and best wishes, Class of 2020!"

- Ben Stracuzzi '13

Best to all of the 2020 Golden Flyers!
Patrice Pallone '72 expanding her horizons on Easter Island, a remote location in the South Pacific

"Expand your horizons, share your talents, and be a lifelong learner."

"Congratulations as you reflect on your accomplishments, the friendships you have nurtured, & the experiences that have prepared you for the future. Choose work you enjoy, expand your horizons, share your talents, & be a lifelong learner. Get out of your comfort zone, travel internationally & learn to say 'hello' in many languages. Don't be afraid to make mistakes, lose your way, or change your path. Wishing you good health, fulfillment, & fun as you begin the next chapter!" - Patrice Pallone '72

Your future is bright Be proud of your accomplishmentsCherish your friends and memories
 Naz friends Gina Totaro, Lindsey Eagan, Karen Hertline, Chelsea Lehmann with our kids.

"Keep your head up as only a Golden Flyer knows how."

"I understand how difficult it is not to be with your class to celebrate your achievements, but they have not gone unnoticed. You are stronger for this and your class will come out on top. Keep your head up as only a Golden Flyer knows how. Congratulations on all that you have accomplished!" - Chelsea Lehmann '09

"nothing can take away what you've achieved."

"Congratulations on your graduation! I know the circumstances aren't ideal right now. I wish you could all have the official ceremony you've earned, but nothing — not even this virus — can take away what you've achieved. Know that all of the Nazareth graduates who came before you are proud of you and celebrating with you in spirit!" - Linda M McIlveen '84

Congrats teacher candidates! - Prof Laura Sarchet

- Laura Sarchet '18G

As a Naz grad, you can proudly walk into any room or situation with your head held high

"chaos to end your senior year does not detract from your accomplishments."

"Hey Class of 2020! I want to congratulate you on your successful completion of a semester that I am sure is not at all how you envisioned it. As an alum who graduated the year our commencement was delayed several hours because of a massive thunderstorm that resulted ultimately in the collapse of the tent 30 minutes after the ceremony, I can tell you chaos to end your senior year does not detract from your accomplishments and how meaningful it is for you to get the chance to google how to properly wear your hood (it was a struggle from what I remember) and walk across the stage with all of your loved ones present. Good luck! The world is a crazy,  chaotic place, but you are well prepared from your time at Naz." - Jenny Greene '09

Live a great and meaningful life.
Massimo Albano

This is one day

"I remember that feeling waking up on my graduation day. It was a beautiful May morning with all these thoughts about the future lingering in my mind:  the excitement, anticipation, the pride, the feeling of hope. It was in fact just one day. There will be so many wonderful moments in your professional and personal lives that this crisis and events that followed will simply be a story or beacon of change. Don't let it take away from all of the beautiful moments you had in class, on campus, learning, making friends and strengthening your skills and convictions. Congratulations class of 2020 to you and your loved ones." - Massimo Albano '98

Your time at Nazareth has prepared you for whatever or where ever life brings you.
Rosemarie Burke


"Congratulations Class of 2020! Sheryl Sandberg said the following when addressing the graduating class at the University of California. I believe her words hold wisdom that will have meaning for you as you leave Nazareth College in 2020:

  • "The easy days ahead of you will be easy. It is the hard days — the times that challenge you to your very core — that will determine who you are... You will be defined not just by what you achieve, but by how you survive."

And from The Fellowship of the Ring: "All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us."

ENJOY ALL, BEST WISHES, and COME BACK to NAZ OFTEN." - Rosemarie Burke (Scherer) '58

We are all so proud of your achievements!

"As you endure loss, struggle, and setbacks, you will get stronger."

"I have more belief in the promise of the generation that follows me than most people my age. That's because I spent 25 years teaching students as a full-time community college faculty member. In my career, mostly I saw that young people had more competence than confidence. That's normal. As you endure loss, struggle, and setbacks, you will get stronger. Each subsequent difficulty will be met with the knowledge gained from the past, and you'll have confidence that you can survive and even prosper. Like a drama, the setting and cast will change in these difficulties, but the themes that resurface will share a basic similarity." - David Boni '91G

Nursing Class of ‘64 at our 50th Reunion

"Congratulations graduates! You are making so much history...

— living through the coronavirus pandemic, yes, but by completing your college education in spite of it and in non-traditional and often new off-campus ways, and most importantly by adding all of this to your own personal history. To me, at the age of 77+, your history is still beginning.

May each of you review your history, especially your time at Nazareth, and find a valuable wealth of knowledge and satisfaction from the people who touched your life. And from this, may you find wisdom, excitement, motivation, determination, and courage to continue to travel a road that at its end will value you for the lives you touched. Congratulations all! I am very proud of each of you!"

- Susanne Holland '64

Keep learning!

"Congratulations on your graduation. Even the most mundane day or boring meeting will provide you an opportunity to learn."

- Mariangela Ardino, M.S.Ed. '69, '89G

Kristina Martin

"Hello Class of 2020! Today is the day you were set to walk across the stage, in front of your family and friends. While the commencement date has been moved back, take this day to celebrate still. You have accomplished so much in your time at Naz, and you should feel proud of your hard work and the memories you will cherish forever. Hats off to you, your classmates and all those who worked alongside you during your journey. CHEERS! " - Kristina Martin '16G

Don’t let these times of adversity take away from the huge accomplishment you have made.
Jonae Harris

"Congratulating you on your great accomplishment and praying for your future success." - Johnny Harris '20P

You will never forget this momentous time in your life.
Beth Thomas

"Your Nazareth degree and the network of friends you have as a Naz grad will help you in ways you never expect. Be proud; you earned it! Never doubt that all the hard work was worth it." - Beth Thomas '84, '88G

 We applaud you! We celebrate you! We stand by you! Always!
first to fly


Our current situation has changed nearly everything, but never let it change that! CONGRATULATIONS on your accomplishment. And a special congrats to all of the 'adult' graduates as well as those who are the first to graduate in their families." - an alum from '15, '16G

Christine McClain

"Graduation this year certainly calls for a special celebration!"

"Although your class time may be ending, may you never stop learning. Congratulations to all of you!!" - Christine McClain '92, '95G

"Congratulations to all of you!

Every single person in your graduating class should be proud of themselves. Not only have you made it through the studying, social relationships, and stress about the future that undergraduate studies hits you with, but you had to deal with COVID-19 taking away the moment that you all deserved. I am so sorry for the strife and grief you all are probably going through right now, but us alumni are here to support you if and when you need us.

  • To my friends who are graduating, I love you guys and I wish you all the best.
  • To the faculty who fought through this with you, thank you for your hard work and care.
  • To the graduating students I didn’t get the chance to meet, I hope you all will get to achieve the goals you aim for.
  • To those who have been hit by this epidemic, my heart goes out to all of you and you are not alone.

Congrats Class of 2020! Your blood, sweat, and tears are paying off!" - Julia Penoyer '19

"Congratulations! God bless."

- Mary Beth (Wilkinson) Quandt '81

Congrats on graduating! It's a crazy time right now but you've done it! - Lousie Ly

- Louise Ly '15, '21G

A heartfelt congratulations!
Alison Rosiek

"Congratulations! You did it!

P.S. We love you Anna Burt!" - Brian and Alison Rosiek, '17, '18G

Much success in your chosen field. Have faith and confidence in yourself.
Christine McCleary

"Congratulations on earning your degree from Nazareth. This isn't the way you imagined your time at Naz to end, but in life, things don't always go as planned. May you find the silver lining, stay positive, and take everything you've learned during your time as a Golden Flyer out into the world and represent all that Nazareth was, is, and will be. You did it!" - Christine McCleary '99

May you use what you've gained from your education at Nazareth for the good of the people you serve.
Congratulations Class of 2020. You are going down in history!!

Exchange ideas freely to build a better world

"Warmest congratulations to you, 2020 graduates of Nazareth and to your families. You have attained a great achievement through hard work and discipline. We know that you graduate from the College with knowledge, values, and principles that will set the stage for the remainder of your lives. Just remember that 'ideas are free' and exchange them freely with others to build a better world. Please never let someone else tell you that you can't do something that you dream to do as long as that dream if realized doesn't potentially harm others. May the sun always smile upon you and yours." - Lissa McAnarney, Nazareth College board member

Stand tall

"I know not having a ceremony is disappointing. But no one can take away all your hard work or your wonderful memories. Congratulations on your graduation. I look forward to seeing all the wonderful things and happenings you will bring to the lives of those you will touch. Enjoy your day. Stand tall." - Clare Anne Stefanucci '86

BriAnna DiLuigi

"Congratulations to the Class of 2020! Enjoy celebrating your well-deserved achievement and know that the Naz Alumni family is so very proud of each of you. Wishing an extra congratulations to the undergraduate research staff of Project FLIGHT at Mt. Hope Family Center!" - BriAnna DiLuigi '15

"You have got this!"

"Your time at Nazareth, as mine was, will never be forgotten. Although this year has been cut short, it still counts, and you will always be stronger for this. Truly. I feel for you and what you are going through." - Katie Mooney '02, '06G

Allison Kurthy

"Class of 2020 — As someone who arrived at Naz with many of you, this class holds a dear place in my heart. You were my college peers and classmates, and I remember our time together fondly. While you may not be walking this weekend, I hope you are able to close this semester on a note of happiness. Nazareth has a truly wonderful sense of community that brings us all together, and I hope that shines through as you move on to bigger and better things that I know await all of you. Congratulations on all your incredible achievements!" - Allison Kurthy '19

Even though your senior year was not what anyone expected, you made it!
Lisa & Jeff Hannel

"You are strong and amazing."

"Congratulations class of 2020! I'm sorry your senior year doesn't look or feel the way you imagined it would. I have a senior in college and in high school that are feeling the same way. Know that your emotions are real and valid. You are allowed to be both angry and sad. But also know that your families are tremendously proud of how you are adjusting and love you. You are strong and amazing. Congratulations on all your successes! My Nazareth friends are my lifelong friends. You will all celebrate together again. Until then, congratulations and god bless you all. #2020 strong" - Lisa Swayze Hannel '92

Your class begins a new era in world history and that is something to honor and celebrate.

"Be open to all possibilities."

"Dear Graduates, I was so proud when I graduated with my master's in education from Nazareth in 1978. I accomplished this while teaching full time in the field of early childhood, and I was pregnant with our first child when I graduated. I thought I was going to continue to be a preschool classroom teacher. However, I went on to teach, administer programs, own and operate my own preschool, start a consulting business, and for the last 20 years I have been an adjunct professor in early childhood education. I share this with you, so that you know your graduation from Nazareth is just the beginning of a new chapter in your life.

Whether you are being awarded an undergraduate or graduate degree, I hope that your education does not end here. I wish for you to be a lifelong learner in whatever field(s) you choose. Indeed, the career may choose YOU, instead of the other way around. Be open to all possibilities!

Congratulations on this current achievement, and I wish you many, many, more!" - Pam Mele '78G

 here you are today, graduating from Nazareth College. You made it! Congratulations.

"Congrats! You can change the world."

- Sherry Todd '07

May you have inner peace and confidence as you go forward.

"Commencement is only the beginning...

  • of realizing you are what you eat and drink. By age 70, you'll want your best shot at good health for you and your loved ones. Don't smoke or drink excessively. Elect people who advocate for clean air, water and land for your children and grandchildren. (We did.) Keep moving!
  • of caring for others. Fact: It's not all about me. Can you rethink service to others? (Don't say 'What do I get back?') The joy of giving is contagious. Yes. You can serve humanity. The earth needs worker bees and not so many queens.
  • to be prepared to be a leader, in your job and family. As a young widow, I was the captain of my little crew of three. I was the survivor who buried parents and a sibling. Did it fit my idea of a perfect life? No, but I am stronger, and a more empathetic woman in work and friendships. Experiences keep us humble. Respect where we seniors have been and ask what we know!
  • reminding yourself that character matters. Will you be a whistleblower against injustice and bullying? Advocate for fairness and kindness. Your integrity is your gift in a world of fraud and corruption. There will always be enough rewards waiting on the path meant for you. Keep your soul intact.
  • of keeping a space in your life for creativity. What I learned at Naz: Smile. Say hello to the store clerk. Open a door for a stranger. Your behavior is your banner.

The universe is a realm of rainbow colors and dimensions, not blue or red. Don't restrain yourself from your destiny. Live! Laugh! Love!" - Jean Serusa '73, '79G

Diego Cordova

"You all deserve freedom and appreciation!" - Diego Mejía Córdova '19

May you overcome this unprecedented turmoil in your young lives with untapped strength, hope & faith

"Hey 2020 Grads! You have all worked hard during your years at Naz! It definitely will be a memorable year in so many ways. Make the best of it. The ceremony is an important part of your journey that hopefully will happen one day. Hang in there, stay safe and healthy. Good luck with your job search." - Angela Cieri Meindl '80

"Congratulations Class of 2020 and especially to my son Eric Woodin! Reach for all your dreams!" - Lori Anne Atallah '10, '16G

Your future is brightBe proud of your accomplishmentsCherish your friends and memories
Chanel Wright

"Congratulations on this huge milestone in your Nazareth journey!"

"May you cherish the years and memories you share with one another as much as my friends and I do. Naz will always be a special place. Best wishes on your future endeavors!!" - Chanel Wright '08

Emily Labenski

"Congratulations class of 2020!! You are off to do amazing things and make an impact on this world. Keep your strong connections with friends, teammates, and roommates! Your 'family' from Nazareth College is here to support you! Wishing you all the best in your future endeavors!" - Emily Labenski '08, '10G

Naz is a place you will hold close to your heart forever.

"I hope you enjoyed your time at Naz as much as I did...

It has grown so much since I attended and yet, it's still the small, close-knit community I remember. Cherish all of your memories, keep in touch with friends, go back to campus and spend time... Naz is a place you will hold close to your heart forever. Always remember: Start each day believing in your dreams. Just know that without a doubt, you were made for great things. God bless you all. Happy graduation!" - Karen Joslin Barner '82, '88G

You'll remember the great times you had at Naz that will override the sadness you're feeling now
Chelsea Pettigrass

"Congrats Class of 2020! You may have ended your college career solo, but you've made friends that will last a lifetime. Best of luck in your future endeavors." - Chelsea Pettigrass '18, '19G

take with you into the world a wonderful education and friendships that will last a lifetime
Peggy Pase

"Best wishes on your graduation from Nazareth!"

"My heart aches for you that you will not be able to celebrate this wonderful occasion as you had hoped, but know that your Nazareth family is thinking of you and is excited as you go out into the world to apply what you have learned. Always cherish the friendships that you've made during your Nazareth journey as you embark on the next stage of life, and keep in touch. Congratulations to you all!!" - Peggy Sins Pase '72

A Message from Jenny Medden Giessler '95

    "Warm congratulations to each of you! Know that you are welcomed with great joy to the ranks of Naz Alums."

    - Mary Wuest Yackiw '69

    Paul Towne and Jason Yorton

    "Keep the memories you've made close and your friends closer."

    "Naz grads, congratulations on the completion of your degree at Nazareth! While the timing could be better, it's time to celebrate!

    Wherever life takes you — I'm fortunate to live in San Francisco now — keep the memories you've made close and your friends closer. I'm still friends with my freshman year roommate after 20+ years and visit him when I am in Chicago.

    And know that there are thousands of Naz alums who are here to support you, so don't hesitate to reach out.

    While times are tough now, you have a whole life ahead of you. All the best to you!" - Paul Towne '97

    Nicole Lombardi

    "Get ready to take on the world and represent your alma mater with pride!"

    "To the Class of 2020: Your culminating academic year has gone down in history, and as a graduate of the History and Political Science Department, I find that to be significant. During a year of what's already a feeling of uncertainty, wondering what grad school you're going to get into or what job applications will get a response or where you're going to live post-graduation, you've been thrown for a loop. Your adaptability to such an unchartered situation is commendable; I don't think 21-year-old me could've handled this kind of transition without being able to prepare for it. I cannot fathom the heartbreak you're experiencing, being uprooted from the place you've called home for years and leaving your Naz family. However, you leave Naz knowing this:

    • The friends you've made at Naz are your friends for life. I can speak from experience as my three dearest friends are my maid of honor and bridesmaids in my upcoming wedding. 
    • Although you will not be ceremoniously walking the stage, the impact you will have on the world in your area of discipline will be profound. When you're acknowledged for your expertise, you can take pride in being a Naz grad.
    • Your ties to Naz will never be lost. I often walk the grounds reminiscing of my Naz days. I'm still connected to my professors, and I've had wonderful mentoring opportunities as an alum.
    • Your professors, your families, and the alumni are incredibly proud of your achievements.

    Get ready to take on the world and represent your alma mater with pride! Congratulations, Nazareth College Class of 2020!" - Nicole Lombardi '13

    Cherish all of your time at Nazareth.

    "You will always be a Golden Flyer and you will always be welcomed home with open arms."

    "Always be kind. Always be brave. Always live your life with integrity and do what is right.

    Even though your last semester was not what you wished it would be, Naz will forever be your home and the friends that you have made and cherished will forever be by your side.

    You will always be a Golden Flyer and you will always be welcomed home with open arms. Congratulations to the graduates of the class of 2020! We are all so proud of you and are glad to welcome you as alumni." - Angelina Sanzotta '11, '17G

    Top (l-r) Jenny Medden Giessler '95, Sara Foley LaValle ’96, Kelly Labby ’95 and bottom (l-r): Maura

    Naz Friendships Get Us Through Everything

    We alums can promise that from experience. Top (from left) Jenny Medden Giessler '95, Sara Foley LaValle '96, Kelly Labby '95 and bottom (from left): Maura Cullinan Wenger '95, Heather Chadwell Dennis '96, Colleen Ryan Peling '96

    Network with other alumni

    Alumni of all years, you're invited to join FlyerConnect for mentoring and networking. 

    Use Nazareth's FlyerConnect to:

    • Connect with alumni by aligning your interests and/or career goals with theirs.
    • Join groups with alumni who have similar interests and backgrounds.
    • Look for opportunities to meet with a variety of mentors for singular conversations.
    • Meet with alumni once or build a mentoring relationship that can last from a few weeks to many months (or even years!).
    • Arrange for job shadowing opportunities.
    • Get career-related answers from discussion forums.
    • Find resources to help with your career process.