Annemarie Tiburzi

Interning while studying in Spain helped Annemarie Tiburzi ’12 find work in that country after graduating.

The international business major had a marketing role as an intern at Hispania School of Spanish in Valencia, Spain, in spring 2011.

“My role was to research how this academy could expand into the American college-aged student market ... and create a major marketing plan to help increase awareness of the language academy in Valencia as well as abroad,” said Tiburzi, who spent about 10 hours a week at her internship. “I grew and learned a lot from it. I gained confidence, and it also assisted me with landing other work both domestically and abroad.”

After graduation, she spent a year teaching corporate English in Madrid for various companies, including KPMG and Iberia airline. Then she got a job teaching English in Madrid city schools. Next she’s considering graduate school for international trade.

At her internship, for which she earned college credit, Tiburzi particularly enjoyed the relationships she built with employees of the language academy as well as those studying Spanish — a mix of Asians, Germans, Italians, Americans, and others, both college-age and adults.

Before going to Spain, she spoke little Spanish and hadn’t been outside the U.S. for an extended period.

Her advice: “I would say to someone hesitant about interning or going abroad that you need to do it. You will look back and realize how that experience changed your life, your perspective, and gave you incredible memories. It's not as scary or as difficult as it seems. There is always a way to handle any problems or struggles. You’re surrounded by people who are going through the same experience as you, and this creates an instant bond. I've met some of my best friends while studying abroad. I would also add specifically to Naz students: We are really lucky because Naz literally sets up everything for you — housing, food, transportation, class, everything. It's easy as you just pay your tuition as a student living on campus would do. I met people studying abroad from other universities who had to set everything up themselves, find a place to live, figure out transportation, register at a university for their credits, find out if they would transfer, etc.”


    Tiburzi at the Torres de Quart in Valencia
    Tiburzi's Internship Site, Escuela de Español Hispania
    Enjoying the Valencia Sites
    Tiburzi with the flag of Spain