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Budget Managers

NazNet Reference Guide

NazNet is a tool to help budget managers view their budget to actual expenditures in "real time".

  1. Log in to Naznet Self-Serivce
  2. Enter your colleague User ID and password and click Submit.
  3. Click Financial Management.
  4. Click Finance Query.
  5. Input Filter to select the Fund(s), Unit(s), and Object(s) that you want to view. 

 Click here to view NazNet Self-Service Finance Query Instructions

Selecting Individual Accounts

Follow the instructions on the NazNet Reference Guide above, then type in the fund number you want to specify in the first box in the top row titled "Fund".

You may also specify the unit (middle seven digits of the account number) by typing this number in the first box in the row titled "Unit".

You may also further define the expenses you want to view :

  • "51" for student salaries (51020 and 51022)
  • "53" for all operating expenses
  • "54" for non-recurring expenses (if applicable)
Expense Accounts Object Codes