Perspectives-Enduring Questions

You'll take courses in the following eight Perspectives-Enduring Questions areas so you can expand the way you understand yourself and the world. Each course examines "enduring questions" (big questions without easy answers) through different perspectives.

  • In Perspectives-Enduring Questions (P-EQ) courses, you will develop your ability to reason effectively, incorporating foundational skills in writing, reading, listening, speaking, and logical, mathematical, and scientific reasoning. You will practice higher-order analysis, integration, and application of arguments and information across the disciplines.
  • P-EQ courses use writing-to-learn strategies and have significant global and cultural content. In each course, you will archive an Enduring Questions Artifact and Reflection.
  • See a list of questions asked in P-EQ classes.
History, Uncommon Core


Study the World in Historical Context
Literature, Uncommon Core


See the World Differently through Text
Math, Uncommon Core


Solve Complex Problems and See Patterns in the World
Philosophy, Uncommon Core


Question Everything about the World
Religious Symbols, Uncommore Core

Religious Studies

Discover How We Ascribe Meaning to the World
Science, Uncommon Core

Science with Lab

Ask Questions about the Natural World
Sociology, Uncommon Core

Social Science

Examine People Relating in and to the World
Music and Arts, Uncommon Core

Visual/Performing Arts

View the World through the Creative Lens of the Arts